alternative, Switzerland

With the agressiveness of a tiger in Formica, Massicot oscillates between frank and noisy moments and hypnotic, repetitivephases. An obsessive, rythmic guitar, a modeled bass, a violin as an free electron, tropical kraut drums led by latvian poetry form a mass, a constellation of electrical dinosaurs, imported pineapples, cloud-drawings, intricate rhythms and Dada-jokes.

Punčke: Sunčano s povremenom naoblakom

 After six years, Punčke have finally released their debut studio album on the 14.09.2013. Music by Punčke, lyrics by Lucija Ivšić (guitarist and singer). Design: Ena Bacanovic - Ruby (drummer). Self-released by Punčke.

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01 Počet Ću Iznova
02 Prije Spavanja
03 Iz Dana U Dan
04 141
05 Ritam Kaosa
06 Loše Vijesti
07 Promjena
08 Srce
09 Petra Pan
10 Doručak


fuzzy post-punk

 Two piece sister noise monster. Skamp started around the summer of 2010 in the heat of boredom and frustration of the lackluster music scene. Band members: Kaylee Lewis-vox, guitars, Jancee Lewis-drums, yells.

 Skamp | DOWNLOAD or BUY |
In muted panic | DOWNLOAD or BUY |


punk/psychedelic/progressive, USA

A·pos·ta·sis = a total desertion of or departure from one's religion, principles, party, cause, etc.; an abscess. Apostasis are a four piece band from Los Angeles, mainly south east L.A. They started in February 2012. Band members: Crystal - Bass, Vikki - Guitar, Kass - Guitar, Binky - Beets.

Vaginal Onslaught EP | BUY |


metal/crossover, Russia

Pincher is an all-girl Moscow band hellbent on delivering the finest crossover metal since 2009. Formed by members of a seminal grunge act Diet Pill, the trio is busy being a hard hitting live sensation, playing both home turf and touring Russia to no end. Their mission is to sing the messages of utmost urgency, celebrating independence of thought and action, backing it up by fastest rhythms and hookiest riffs. Band members: Jannet - bass guitar, vocal; Tamara - guitar, backing vocal; Maria - drums.

Killing machines | DOWNLOAD |

Punčke: Mehanizmi obrane

This is Punčke's 2nd EP. Released on 14 February 2012, recorded & produced by Karlo Batrla. Artwork photography by Lucija Ivsic (guitarist and singer of Punčke), artwork design by Ena Bacanovic - (drummer of Punčke).

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01 Ritam kaosa
02 Srce
03 Teško dišem
04 Jesen u New Yorku

Riot Grrrl Berlin Compilation 03: Free Pussy Riot

"The third Riot Grrrl Berlin compilationto is dedicated to the lady’s who are  in jail in russia under a SUSPICION (!!!) that they were involved in a peaceful  protest with the group known as Pussy Riot

(45 bands / 2:15 hours/204 mb)

if you want to submit your own riot grrrl band for a future compilation, please read the infos first. they are here: HOW TO SUBMIT

if you want to help promoting the compilations, link to us, like, connect, tweet, post, share, reblog and so on... here are all compilations on one sight:"



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 hardcore, USA

A musical group from Olympia, WA. They released a 6 song 7″ EP on M’Lady’s Records. Also, if Toby Vail likes them, they can’t be half bad- right?

Live on Art for Spastics-KDVS Radio July 26, 2011 | DOWNLOAD |


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punk-rock, Chile

Horregias is a three-piece band from Santiago. Band members: Horridia, Feocia and Nefasta. Their lyrics are a collection of biographical and wonderful phrases provided by the environment.

Pasarela Fracaso | DOWNLOAD |

Mind of Asian

| myspace |
hardcore/powerviolence, Japan

Mind Of Asian play bunring raw, basic and very fast in your face hardcore thrash with a formidable catchy vibe. Mind of Asian continue to crank out some of the most ferocious fastcore thrash in existence. These four women from Tokyo unleash a barrage of Infest style fast fucking hardcore.

紅い華/Akai Hana | DOWNLOAD | DOWNLOAD |

沈黙の霧の中/Chinmoku No Kiri No Naka | DOWNLOAD |
大きな森の小さな象/A Small Elephant In a Large Forest | DOWNLOAD | more info |
Unholy Grave/Mind of Asian split | DOWNLOAD |

Mind of Asian: 大きな森の小さな象/A Small Elephant In a Large Forest

15 tracks (mostly in japanese) of hyper-furious hardcore thrash. A crazed mix of speed, hooks, and absolutely raging energy. Released on the 16th of December 2008 on Sound Pollution.
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01 この国の行く末は
02 Dear Love
03 地球上のどこかで
04 いつもこころに
05 探しているものは何だろう
06 偏見が人を左右するのか
07 Get Back Green
08 大きな森の小さな象
09 Natural
10 祈りよ
11 Life
12 We Are Asian
13 Let's Go
14 Beer Beer Beer
15 スタートラインは目の前だ


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brutal death metal, Brazil

Valhalla (formerly Necrophia and Phobia) began their career in 1989. In Norse mythology, Valhalla is a majestic, enormous hall located in Asgard, ruled over by the god Odin. The sound of the band is very close to a mix of Krisiun and early Sepultura. For being female vocals, they are very brutal and dark, almost guttural grunts. Instrumentally it’s a mid-paced groove with great guitar parts which at times sounds black metal inspired.

...In the Darkness of Limb | DOWNLOAD | more info |
Petrean Self | DOWNLOAD |

Valhalla: ...In the Darkness of Limb

This is their debut full length record, released in 1994 on Sub Way Rock. It has a raw production sound reminiscent of early days death metal.

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01 ...In The Darkness of Limb
02 Pleasure To Assassin
03 The Last of Beings
04 Valhalla
05 Rainbow Warrior
06 Age of Consent
07 Renunciates' Oath

Cara Beth Satalino

indie rock/folk, USA

Cara Beth Satalino is an indie singer/songwriter from Athens, Georgia. She also plays in the bands Witches and Sea of Dogs. Extremely catchy, honest and heartfelt.

Crowdedmouth | DOWNLOAD |
The Good Ones | DOWNLOAD |

L7: Slap-Happy

This is their sixth and final studio album, released in 1999 on Bong Load. The double A side single "Freeway"/"Mantra Down" was available to buy only for a short time on the internet as a 7" single.

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01 Crackpot Baby
02 On My Rockin' Machine
03 Lackey
04 Human
05 Livin' Large
06 Freeway
07 Stick To The Plan
08 War With You
09 Long Green
10 Little One
11 Freezer Burn
12 Mantra Down

L7: The Beauty Process: Triple Platinum

This is their fifth album, Recorded in late 1996 and released in February 1997, the album was favored by critics yet dismissed by many earlier fans of the band. Bassist Jennifer Finch left the band during the recording, and was briefly replaced by Greta Brinkman. Bass on the album was performed by Brinkman and the band's frontwoman Donita Sparks.

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01 Beauty Process
02 Drama
03 Off The Wagon
04 I Need
05 Moonshine
06 Bitter Wine
07 The Masses Are Asses
08 Bad Things
09 Must Have More
10 Non-Existent Patricia
11 Me, Myself And I
12 Lorenza, Giada, Allesandra

L7: Hungry for Stink

This is their fourth album, released in July 1994 during their Lollapalooza tour. The title is taken from a personal ad that was seen by one of the bandmembers shortly before the album was released. Musically the album is heavier than the band's previous work, marking the culmination of their progression from a largely punk to metal sound. Lyrically the songs concern "darker" themes; for example stalking on "Can I Run", and depression and insanity on "Questioning My Sanity".

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01 Andres
02 Baggage
03 Can I Run
04 The Bomb
05 Questioning My Sanity
06 Riding With a Movie Star
07 Stuck Here Again
08 Fuel My Fire
09 Freak Magnet
10 She Has Eyes
11 Shirley
12 Talk Box

L7: Bricks Are Heavy

This is their third album, released in April 1992 through Slash Records. By late August, the album had reached #1 on Billboard's Heatseekers album chart, and two weeks later it peaked at #160 on the Billboard 200. Musically the album is heavier and dirtier than the band's previous recordings. While the band retained its punk and hardcore punk roots, there was more emphasis on heavy metal than before. It was produced by Butch Vig.

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01 Wargasm
02 Scrap
03 Pretend We're Dead
04 Diet Pill
05 Everglade
06 Slide
07 One More Thing
08 Mr. Integrity
09 Monster
10 Shitlist
11 This Ain't Pleasure

L7: Smell the Magic

This is their second album, released on Sub Pop. It was initially released in September 1990 as a 12" EP containing only the first six songs. It was reissued on CD in July 1991, expanded to album length with three more tracks: "Packin' a Rod", "Just Like Me", and "American Society". The opening song, "Shove", was released as the band's first single.

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01 Shove
02 Fast And Frightening
03 (Right On) Thru
04 Deathwish
05 'Til The Wheels Fall Off
06 Broomstick
07 Packin' A Rod
08 Just Like Me
09 American Society

L7: L7

L7 is the eponymous debut album by Los Angeles band L7. Recorded in 1987 and released in 1988 on Epitaph Records, the album demonstrates the band's punk rock origins, although there are traces of the heavier grunge sound that would dominate their later work.

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01 Bite the wax tadpole
02 Cat o' nine tails
03 Metal stampede
04 Let's rock tonight
05 Uncle Bob
06 Snake handler
07 Runnin' from the law
08 Cool out
09 It's not you
10 I drink
11 Ms. 45


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grunge/rock/punk, USA

The band was formed in 1985 by Donita Sparks and Suzi Gardner, who were later joined by Jennifer Finch and Dee Plakas. They signed to Epitaph Records for their first album and to Sub Pop in 1989. The name is taken from a slang phrase from the 1950s which means “square,” but is often mistaken for a reference to a sex position, also called “69”. In 1991 the band formed Rock For Choice, a Pro-Choice women’s rights group which was supported by other bands of that era, including Nirvana, Mudhoney, Pearl Jam, 7 Year Bitch. Rock for Choice still exists. The band gained a certain amount of notoriety for their performance at the 1992 Reading Festival, when Donita Sparks removed her tampon on-stage and threw it into the crowd in protest against the missiles being thrown by the crowd. In the UK, the band are most famous for an appearance on the popular late-night entertainment programme The Word, in which Sparks pulled her pants down to reveal her pubic area. During a live show in London in 2000, the band offered a one night stand with Dee Plakas as a raffle prize, although it is unclear as to whether this was a genuine offer or not. According to the band’s website, “L7 are on an indefinite hiatus. We know that’s vague, but that’s just the way it is. The future of the band is a bit up in the air at the moment.”

L7 | DOWNLOAD | more info |
Smell the Magic
| DOWNLOAD | more info |
Bricks Are Heavy
| DOWNLOAD | more info |
Hungry for Stink | DOWNLOAD | more info |
The Beauty Process: Triple Platinum | DOWNLOAD | more info |
Slap-Happy | DOWNLOAD | more info |


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simphonic black metal/gothic, Mexico

Déborah is an all female, Mexican Christian Black Metal band. The band has formed in 2001. Bend members: Miriam López (guitar,violin and vocal), Claudia Martínez (vocal) and Rocío del Moral Osnaya (bass).

The Song of Déborah | DOWNLOAD |
Soteria | DOWNLOAD |


trash metal, Brazil

They were formed in 2004 in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Band members: Angélica Burns (vocal), Julia Pombo (guitar), Cíntia Ventania (bass) and Cynthia Tsai Yuen (drums).

Keep Thrashing | DOWNLOAD |

Astarte: Quod Superius Sicut Inferius

This is a LP released in 2002 on Black Lotus Records. It was recorded in Praxis studios.

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01 Reign Unfold
02 Inflamed Paradox
03 Oblivious Darkness
04 Deep Down The Cosmos
05 Astarte
06 Incarnate Legend Of Mummy Queen
07 In Velvet Slumber
08 Sickness
09 Quod Superius Sicut Inferius
10 Crossing The Wounded Mirror Of Death

Astarte: Rise from Within

This is their second LP, released in 2000. With this album their music has became more complex, melodic and technical, covering more styles such as thrash and death.

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01 Furious Animosity
02 Rise From Within I (Mystical Provocation)
03 Rise From Within II (Selenium Erring)
04 Naked Hands
05 Genesis
06 Liquid Myth
07 Non Existent Equilibrium
08 Rise From Within III
09 Risen From Within

Astarte: Doomed Dark Years

This is their first LP, released in 1998 on Black Lotus Records. Aggressive riffs, melodic passages and dark, conceptual lyrical focus on paganism and a unique style. With a duration of 50 minutes, it contains a conceptual three-part story called “Thorns Of Charon”, dedicated to the goddess Astarte.

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01 Passage To Eternity
02 Voyage Of Eternal Life
03 Thorns Of Charon - Part I (Astarte's Call)
04 Doomed Dark Years
05 Thorns Of Charon - Part II (Emerge From Hades)
06 Thorns Of Charon - Part III (Pathway To Unlight)
07 Empress Of The Shadow Land
08 The Rise Of Metropolis

Astarte: Sirens

This LP was released in 2004 on Avantgarde Music.

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01 Dark Infected Circles (Outbreak)
02 Black Mighty Gods
03 Lloth
04 Bitterness Of Mortality (MecomaN)
05 Deviate
06 Oceanus Procellarum (Liquid Tomb)
07 The Ring (Of Sorrow)
08 Twist, Nail, Torture
09 Sirens
10 Underwater Persephone

Luscious Jackson: Natural Ingredients

This is their first full-length album, released in 1994 on Grand Royal. The album spawned three minor hits with "CitySong (NY State Of The World)," "Deep Shag" and "Here", the latter featured in the Alicia Silverstone film Clueless. In addition, all three singles had music videos which could be seen on MTV.

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01 Intro
02 City Song
03 Deep Shag
04 Angel
05 Strongman
06 Energy Sucker
07 Here
08 Intermission
09 Find Your Mind
10 Pele Merengue
11 Rock Freak
12 Rollin'
13 Surprise
14 LP Retreat

Luscious Jackson: Fever In Fever Out

This is their second full-length album, released on the Grand Royal label in 1996 (produced by Daniel Lanois). This album is most well-known for the track "Naked Eye," which enjoyed some success in the Top 40. In mid-1997, Fever In Fever Out was certified gold.

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01 Naked Eye
02 Don't Look Back
03 Door
04 Mood Swing
05 Under Your Skin
06 Electric
07 Take A Ride
08 Water Your Garden
09 Soothe Yourself
10 Why Do I Lie
11 One Thing
12 Parade
13 Faith
14 Stardust

Astarte: Demonized

This is their fifth full-length, released in February 2007 on Avantgarde Music.

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01 Mutter
02 God I Hate Them All
03 Lost
04 Whispers Of Chaos
05 Demonized
06 Lycon
07 Queen Of The Damned
08 Heart Of Flames
09 God Among Men
10 Everlast
11 Black At Heart
12 Black Star
13 Princess Of The Dawn
14 Everlast II (Phoenix Rising)


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black metal, Greece

The most famous and prolific of the female extreme metal bands, Astarte, started off as a trio called Lloth. It was born in September 1995 and initially formed by Tristessa, who will be the core and Astarte’s only permanent member since then, Nemesis on guitar, Kinthia and Psychoslaughter as a session drummer (as in many “all-female” bands). In May 1997 they began recording a demo called “Dancing In The Dark Lakes Of Evil”, under the name of LLoth. In 1998 they changed the name from Lloth to Astarte, and signed for the greek label Black Lotus. After participating in a Celtic Frost tribute album with the track “Sorrows Of The Moon”, Astarte splits up letting Tristessa as the sole bearer of the band. The vocalist/bassist brings two more instrumentalists, Katharsis (keyboards) and Hybris (guitars), to keep the Astarte flame alive.

Doomed Dark Years | DOWNLOAD | more info |
Rise from within | DOWNLOAD | more info |
Quod Superius Sicut Inferius | DOWNLOAD | more info |
Sirens | DOWNLOAD | more info |
| DOWNLOAD | more info |

Frightwig: Wild Women Never Die

This album is a compilation of their first two LP's, 1984's Cat Farm Faboo and 1986's Faster, Frightwig: Kill!! Kill!! Released in 1993 on Southern Records.

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01 Wanque Off Song
02 My Crotch Does Not Say 'Go'
03 Jeri's Song
04 I Got Lost
05 Hot Papa
06 A Man's Got To Do What A Man's Got To Do
07 Vagabondage
08 Only You
09 Take This And Fuck Yer Head
10 I'll Talk To You And Smile
11 Tomorrow Never Comes
12 Something's Gotta Change
13 Beverly Hills
14 Crazy World
15 Big Bang
16 Punk Rock Jail Bait
17 Manifest Destiny
18 Booby Prize
19 American Express
20 I Don't Want To Be Alone
21 Freedom

Frightwig: Phonesexy

An EP released in 1990 on Boner Records.

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01 Amx'89
02 I Want To Live
03 Public Baths
04 Just One Look
05 I Support You
06 Frightwig Luvs Ya Baby!

Luscious Jackson

| website | myspace |
alternative rock/hiphop, USA

Luscious Jackson formed in 1991. They are named after the American basketball player Lucious Jackson. The original band consisted of Jill Cunniff (vocals, bass), Gabby Glaser (vocals, guitar), Kate Schellenbach (drums) and Vivian Trimble (keyboards, vocals). The band played nearly every instrument heard on their records, and with the exception of a few non-LP cover songs wrote all of their own material, the majority penned by vocalists Jill Cunniff and/or Gabby Glaser. Vivian Trimble left the group in 1998, and in 2000 (after releasing one album as a trio) the group announced their break up.

In Search of Manny | DOWNLOAD |
Natural Ingredients | DOWNLOAD | more info |
Fever In Fever Out | DOWNLOAD | more info |
Electric Honey | DOWNLOAD |

Scrawl: Bloodsucker

This is an EP that came out in 1991 on Feel Good All Over and has since been re-released on Simple Machines. Every song is a vinegar tornado of guitars and heartbreak plus an outstanding cover of Cheap Trick’s “High Roller” (and weirdly Paula Abdul’s “Cold Hearted Snake”).

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01 VI Ploriontos
02 Love's Insecticide
03 Please Have Everything
04 Clock Song
05 C.O.W.
06 High Roller
07 Cold Hearted Snake


foxcore/indie, USA

Scrawl were a band from Columbus, Ohio. The founding members were Marcy Mays (vocals and guitar), Sue Harshe (bass guitar), and Carolyn O’Leary (drums). Their first show, in the summer of 1985, was a 20-minute opening spot for the Meat Puppets. Drummer Carolyn O’ Leary left the group in May 1992, and was replaced by Dana Marshall.

Plus, Also, Too | DOWNLOAD |
He's Drunk | DOWNLOAD |
Smallmouth | DOWNLOAD |
Bloodsucker | DOWNLOAD | more info |
Velvet Hammer| DOWNLOAD |
Travel On, Rider | DOWNLOAD |
Nature Film | DOWNLOAD |

Frightwig: Cat Farm Faboo

Their debut album, released on Subterranean Records in 1984.

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01 The Wanque Off Song
02 My Crotch Does Not Say Go
03 Jeri's Song
04 I Got Lost
05 Hot Papa
06 A Man's Got To Do What a Man's Got To Do
07 Vagabondage
08 Only You
09 Take This and and Fuck Yer Head
10 I'll Talk to You and Smile
11 Tomorrow Never Comes
12 Something's Gotta Change


punk/foxcore, USA

is American slang used to denote a woman whose appearance is disheveled; she is unruly, perhaps under the influence and she doesn’t give a damn They were located in San Francisco, California. Though they predated the riot grrl movement, they have a similar approach and were influential to its development. For example, they were known for inviting a male audience member on stage to “dance” during the song “A Man’s Gotta Do What a Man’s Gotta Do” and thereby publicly ridiculing him. Frightwig was composed of Cecilia Lynch, Deanna Ashley, Mia Levin, Megan Page, and Rebecca Tucker. During Frightwig’s influential history they had many line up changes.

Cat Farm Faboo | DOWNLOAD | more info |
Faster, Frightwig, Kill! Kill! | DOWNLOAD |
Phonesexy | DOWNLOAD | more info |
Wild Women Never Die | DOWNLOAD | more info |

Girlschool: Legacy

This is their eleventh studio album, released on Wacken Records in 2008. This album celebrates the 30th anniversary of Girlschool, making it the longest running all-female metal band in activity. A few musicians that the band befriended in the many years of incessant touring, lent a hand in completing the recording. Former guitarist Kelly Johnson, deceased in 2007, contributed with her spiritual presence to the work. The song "Legend" is dedicated to her.

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Tracklist :

01 Everything's The Same
02 From The Other Side
03 I Spy (Girlschool Mix)
04 Spend Spend Spend
05 Whole New World
06 Just Another Day
07 Legend
08 Still Waters
09 Metropolis (Motorhead Cover)
10 Mess Around
11 Zeitgeist
12 Don't Talk To Me
13 I Spy (Dio/Iommi Mix)
14 London
15 Emergency

Girlschool:: Believe

This is their tenth studio album, released on Communiqué Records in 2004. It was the first album entirely played by the formation with new guitarist Jackie Chambers. It was re-released in 2008 in a limited edition, including the DVD Around the World, with footage from concerts and tours of 2004 and 2005. This limited edition was self-produced and sold through their official website and at concerts.

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01 Come On Up
02 Let's Get Hard
03 Crazy
04 We All Love To (Rock 'n' Roll)
05 Secret
06 New Beginning
07 C'mon
08 Never say Never
09 You Say
10 Feel Good
11 Hold On Tight
12 Yes Means Yes
13 We All Have To Choose
14 Play Around
15 Passion

Girlschool: Girlschool

This is their eighth studio album, eleased on Communiqué Records and Progressive International in 1992. It is the fourth and last studio album recorded with lead guitarist Cris Bonacci and the only one with bassist Jackie Carrera. It is also the first Girlschool album to by self-produced for an independent British label. The album was going to be called No Bollocks! But in the end they decided to call it simply Girlschool because they realized they'd never used the name of the band as a title before.

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01 My Ambition
02 One More
03 Can't Say No
04 Wild at Heart
05 Can't Do That
06 Ee Came
07 Can't Keep a Good Girl Down
08 Sitting Pretty
09 On My Way
10 Take Me I'm Yours

Talk to Animals

 | bandcamp | myspace | facebook |
electro/lo-fi/alternative, USA

Talk to Animals compliments her moody, beat-driven 8-bit & lo-fi soundscapes with a range of vocal styles. The resulting music is alternately frenzied, melodic, fierce and serene, always with an unstoppable energy, as precise as it is punk. Talk to Animals is an electro project by Texas-native Aimee. She started Talk to Animals in 2006 as a side-project while she was still doing 1-800-ZOMBIE.She describes her project as "lo-fi punk-inspired baroque pop via 8-bit technology with the aesthetic of surf goth."

Always | DOWNLOAD |

Red Aunts: Ghetto Blaster

This is the last full length album by the Red Aunts. It was released in 1998 on Epitaph.

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01 I'm Crying
02 Poison Steak
03 The Things You See, The Things You Don't
04 Midnight In The Jungle
05 Exene
06 Fade In/ Fade Out
07 Alright!
08 Who?
09 Skeleton Hand
10 Wrecked
11 I'm Bored With You
12 Cookin', Cleanin' and Cryin'

| DOWNLOAD | Back to Red Aunts |

Red Aunts

| myspace |
punk-rock/garage rock, USA

The Red Aunts formed in 1991 in Long Beach, California by guitarist/vocalist Terri Wahl. She recruited two of her friends, lead vocalist/guitarist Kerry Davis and bassist Debi Martini — who, like her, had never before been in a band or received formal musical training. Learning to play was a collective process, but it didn’t take too long for the band to become comfortable enough to issue two 7” indie singles, with Jon Wahl in tow as a drummer of convenience (under the alias Joan Whale). He was subsequently replaced full-time by Lesley Noelle. The Red Aunts rapidly developed their own sound, going from raw simple punk to more complicated garage-punk-blues within the space of their seven years and five full length albums. The inevitable rock-star ego-tripping and feuds with other bands and punk magazines somewhat diminished their stature in Los Angeles and they disbanded in 1998.

Drag | DOWNLOAD | more info |
Bad Motherfucken 40 O-Z | DOWNLOAD |
#1 Chicken
DOWNLOAD | more info |
Ghetto Blaster | DOWNLOAD | more info |

Red Aunts: #1 Chicken

This is the third full length album by the Red Aunts. It was released in 1995 on Epitaph. Contains 14 tracks of thrashing noiserock. Produced by “big daddy” Brett Gurewitz, Epitaph/Bad Religion founder.

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01 Freakathon
02 Tinfoil Fishbowl
03 Hate
04 Detroit Valentine
05 Krush
06 Satan
07 Rollerderby Queen
08 Willabell
09 When Sugar Turns To Shit
10 Poker Party
11 Peppermint Patty
12 Mota
13 Number One Chicken
14 Netty

Red Aunts: Drag

This is the first full length album by the Red Aunts. It was released in 1993 on Sympathy for the Record Industry.

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01 Kung Fu Kitten
02 Sleeping Pill
03 Lethal Lolita
04 Hot Rod
05 Sleeping in the Wet Spot
06 Route 66 Fucker 6
07 Lonely Beer Drops
08 Built for a Barstool
09 Luz
10 Teach me to Kill
11 My Cat Scratch
12 Sweet Enough
13 Fly Ford Comet/Ho Choice
14 Sex Zombie
15 Hard Hearted Hannah

Girlschool: Take a Bite

This is their seventh studio album, released by GWR Records in 1988. It is the first album to feature Tracey Lamb on bass, replacing Gil Weston-Jones. The album was produced by Monty Python's collaborator André Jacquemin at Redwood Studios.

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01 Action
02 Fox on the Run
03 Girls on Top
04 Tear it Up
05 Love At First Bite
06 Head Over Heels
07 Up All Night
08 This Time
09 Don't Walk Away
10 Too Hot To Handle

Agatha: Goatness

Released in 2011 on Wallace Records and Basement City Records. Eight heavy and doomy songs, a mix of sludge, noise, doom, punk played by just one distorted bass and powerful drums. On this record Agatha's sound takes a heavier direction, with growl voices, screams and big bass chords. The LP comes out with a beautiful shaped watercolor artwork, painted by acclaimed italian tattoo artist Pietro Sedda and photo shots by ELena Buscemi.

| DOWNLOAD | BUY (@ Wallace Records) | BUY (@ Basement City Records) | Back to Agatha |


01 Mosh Training
02 For Whom The Alarm Tolls
03 The Hard Life Of Last Minute Lyric Writers
04 Autunn((O))
05 Punk Explained To My Mother
06 Slayer Vs Morrissey
07 Take Care Of My Carogna
08 Un Univers Dans Une Tasse De Thé

Girlschool: Nightmare at Maple Cross

is the sixth studio album by Girlschool, released on GWR Records in 1986. Under the direction of producer Vic Maile, this album marks the return of the band to the sound of their earlier works and to a four-piece formation. All tracks were composed by the four musicians, except for Mud's cover "Tiger Feet".

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01 All Day All Night
02 Play With Fire
03 Danger Sign
04 Never Too Late
05 Tiger Feet
06 Back for More
07 Let's Go Crazy
08 You Got Me
09 Let's Break Up
10 Turn It Up

Girlschool: Running Wild

This is the fifth studio album by the Girlschool, released on Mercury Records in 1985. It is the only studio work released as a five-piece group after singer and lead guitarist Kelly Johnson had left the band. Vocals duties on the album are shared by Jackie Bodimead and Kim McAuliffe. Running Wild was released only in America and presents a more commercial sound than Girlschool's early albums, to satisfy the taste of an audience used to the sound of FM AOR and glam rock. It was produced by Nick Tauber. The song "Do You Love Me?" is a Kiss cover.

| DOWNLOAD | Back to Girlschool |


01 Let Me Go
02 Running Wild
03 Do You Love Me?
04 Something For Nothing
05 Are You Ready?
06 Nowhere To Run
07 I Want You Back
08 Nasty Nasty
09 Love Is A Lie
10 Can't You See