Punčke: Sunčano s povremenom naoblakom

 After six years, Punčke have finally released their debut studio album on the 14.09.2013. Music by Punčke, lyrics by Lucija Ivšić (guitarist and singer). Design: Ena Bacanovic - Ruby (drummer). Self-released by Punčke.

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01 Počet Ću Iznova
02 Prije Spavanja
03 Iz Dana U Dan
04 141
05 Ritam Kaosa
06 Loše Vijesti
07 Promjena
08 Srce
09 Petra Pan
10 Doručak


fuzzy post-punk

 Two piece sister noise monster. Skamp started around the summer of 2010 in the heat of boredom and frustration of the lackluster music scene. Band members: Kaylee Lewis-vox, guitars, Jancee Lewis-drums, yells.

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punk/psychedelic/progressive, USA

A·pos·ta·sis = a total desertion of or departure from one's religion, principles, party, cause, etc.; an abscess. Apostasis are a four piece band from Los Angeles, mainly south east L.A. They started in February 2012. Band members: Crystal - Bass, Vikki - Guitar, Kass - Guitar, Binky - Beets.

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