Heather Leather

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heavy metal, USA

Heather Leather is a family band, formed in San Antonio in 1980. Their original lineup consisted of Garza’s three sisters: Sylvia on guitar, Ruth on bass and vocals, and her twin sister Sandie on drums. In 1995 the group disbanded, but in 2006 Heater Leather resurfaced with a new formation, with Rosie Elzonzide taking Sandie’s place behind the drum kit after learning how to play the drums in just four months. Now, with another young drummer in the lineup named Margaret Curtain, Heater Leather is preparing their new album “Queens of Metal” and touring across San Antonio.

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Heather Leather: Princess Leather

Recorded in 1988 and remixed in 2005 in the Nexus Study.

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01 Princess Leather
02 Angel Lover
03 Screaming Angels
04 Let's Rock
05 Now You Return
06 Pretty Shy Boy
07 We Came To Destroy
08 Undercover

Grey: Stand Before Doom

After several live performances, which began in 2005, in the same year they recorded their first demo “Stand Before Doom”.

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01 Intro
02 Fields of Grey
03 At Night
04 Taker of Souls


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doom metal, USA

Grey was born from the ashes of the doom band from the 90s called Baba Yaga 90. Two of their components, Suzanne “GypsyWitch” and AJ “LunaLoca” met after the band disbanded, and continued walking along the Doom paths with Grey. Recruited the last Baba Yaga drummer Ty Burham , and along with Troy Swanson on keyboards and Rebekah Dunbar completed the first Grey’s lineup. Ty and Rebekah left the formation, so the search for a new drummer leaded to Becca Gherardini “BitchHammer”, consolidating the first full female Grey lineup, who remains strong today.

Stand Before Doom | DOWNLOAD | more info |
Sisters Of The Wyrd
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Grey: Sisters Of The Wyrd

This is their first LP, released in 2008 through the Kreation Records label. Mixed by Billy Anderson and layed down at Jack Endino's Studio.

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01 At Night
02 Taker of Souls
03 Sacrifice at Glastonbury Tor
04 Fields of Grey


death metal, Mexico

Born in 1994 in Mexico D.F., they played death metal influenced by doom and classic metal. Initially called Ashes On Your Grave.

Demo 1 ‘95 | DOWNLOAD | more info |

Gilgamesh: Demo 1 ‘95

They released this demo in 1995 via Vision Records, after this they started touring their country. It was recorded in the Fama studios in April 1995. They haven’t released anything else.

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01 Narcolepsia
02 El Exilio
03 Plegaria
04 Ruptura

Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation: The 1st demo

Released in 2004.

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01 Dusted Ratina
02 Evacuation
03 Euthanasia
04 In The Sludge

Insect Waefare/Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation (split)

This is issue # 19 of the Short Fast & Loud zine which came in the size of a 7" with a split of Insect Waefare (USA) and Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation. It was recorded in 2008 on Six weeks.

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Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation

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death metal/grindcore, Japan

In the summer of 2002, Kyoko, Tomoko and Makiko left their extreme metal bands with male components to make Kyoko’s dream of forming an all-female grind band come true. Noriko joined on bass, and together the band with the name impossible to remember started performing in Tokyo along with other grindcore bands. After Noriko’s departure and Kanako’s arrival, Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation got a record deal with the goregrind/grindcore label Leprous Bizarre Productions. Its fast and furious grind is reflected in a self-titled album, published in 2008.

The 1st Demo | DOWNLOAD | more info |
Insect Waefare/Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation split
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Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation (self titiled) | DOWNLOAD | more info |

Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation (self titled)

This is the First full CD of this four japan girls, released in 2008 on Bizarre Leprous Productions.

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01 Visualized
02 Smudge
03 Finite Dark Water
04 Studeny Klih
05 Dusted Ratina
06 In The Sludge
07 In The Gray Room
08 Tied Up
09 Unvoiced
10 Lost
11 Dizzy Confusion
12 Elimination
13 Evacuation
14 Twine
15 Euthanasia
16 Under The Surface
17 Felaceus Oedipus


death metal/grindcore, Brazil

Excruciation were a young trio from Santos, near Sao Paulo. The lineup consisted in Vanice at the mic and guitar, Juliana at the drums, and Silvia behind the four strings.

Noitaicurcxe | DOWNLOAD |

Area 7

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nu-metal/hardcore, Peru

rea 7 was born in 1999. After the typical initial hesitation, finally they consolidated as a solid quartet led by Diana and Fátima Foronda, supplemented by the drummer Josie Romani who suggested Karol Uriol’s entry, who switched from guitar to bass. They composed their first own songs and formalized the gestation of the first all-female metal band in Peru. They published their first and self-titled EP. In 2007 Evelyn Matos increased the Area 7 family when joined the band, allowing Karol Uriol to go back on track with her guitar.

Máquina de Almas | DOWNLOAD | more info |

Area 7: Máquina de Almas

This is their second album, released as a LP in 2006.

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01 Fuerte intenso
02 Criatura
03 Monjita
04 Ser
05 Ira
06 Espectro
07 Decadentes en su mision
08 Magnitud
09 Iris
10 Sintiendo


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heavy metal, Sweden

Swedish heavy metal quintet, active in the late 90s. Commanded by Tina Mathiesen, who composed the songs and wrote most of the lyrics. Anashi was born in December 1987, and its melodic metal was quickly reflected in a demo in early 1988. Lena Bengtsson replaced Camilla Svensson on bass, to record the following “One 4 All, All For 1″ and “We Got It”, the latest recording from the scandinavian, which marked the band’s end point.

One 4 All, All for 1 | DOWNLOAD | more info |

Anashi: One 4 All, All for 1

Released in 1988.

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01 Get wasted
02 Jazz n´roll
03 Intro part 1
04 Falling apart
05 The light in me
06 Young & Wild
07 Night time
08 Nasty
09 Got to fight

Mass Kotki: Chodź Zobaczyć

Chodź Zobaczyć („Come and see”) is their first album, released in 2005 on Emancypunx Rec & Omnitan Studio. Electro punk mixed with new wave and pop performed by the duo: Lady Electra playing analogous synth (keyboard?) and Katiusza playing distortion bass guitar. The album contains studio recordings of12 songs, two re-mixes and the video-clip "Brutalny erotyzm".

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01 Intro
02 Brutalny Erotyzm
03 Telewizyjna Bulimia
04 Freak Show
05 Red Car
06 Podróż
07 Pogo
08 Rocco
09 Mass Kotki
10 Butelki
11 Sex & Violence
12 Platonic Love

Mass Kotki

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electro/punk, Poland

Apart from special, explosive mixture of electroclash, punkrock, nu wave etc., Lady Electra and Katiusza guarantee a performance with crazy outfits and unusual props. In their music and lyrics you can find a lot of inspiration coming from hardcorepunk as well as italodisco. They are also morbidly fascinated with their native disco polo pornographic aesthetics, which they mock. Mass-Kotki can be really sweet at one moment and then can be critical and wisely angry with various nonsense, having fun with it at the same time. Since autumn 2008 they have enriched their crude collection of instruments (a drum machine, a synthesiser and a bass guitar) with a guitar player – Siwa (known from punk bands like Junkie Train, Zimbabwe, Pogotowie Seksualne).

Chodź zobaczyć | DOWNLOAD | more info |
Miau, Miau, Miau | DOWNLOAD | more info |

Mass Kotki: Miau, Miau, Miau

This is their 2nd album released in 2008 on Pasażer Rec.

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01 Koszeczka (miau miau punk)
02 Siniaki
03 Alcatraz
04 Drętwy Mózg
05 Maryja
06 Forever
07 Metamorfoza
08 Sukienka
09 Sweet Melody
10 5-10-15
11 Muza
12 Wino
13 Devochka Teminator
14 Sing For The Mass
15 Kot

Horror Vakuum

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punk/rock, Sweden

Band members: Ingela Håkansson (drums), Sofia Rova (bass, vocals), Nina Sundberg (guitar, vocal). In 2010 Sofia left the band and so Ingela and Nina are trying to give the music a new form, under new premises.

Free mp3 (including Fuck Democracy, The City, Bombs Away, Your Breakdown, Storyteller, Mark My Face, Diss) | DOWNLOAD |


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down-tempo/metal, Switzerland

ShEver began their work in 2004, when they released the demo “The Mirror”, which contained just 3 tracks. The original lineup consisted of Melanie (drums), Alexandra (vocals), Jessica (guitar, vocals) and Nadine (bass, violin, vocals). In August 2007 Sarah replaced the former drummer Melanie. Often they are compared to bands like Cathedral, Sleep, My Dying Bride or Black Sabbath – but in the middle of this landscape of doom metal, the 4 girls of ShEver found their very own style: witch doom out of the deepest woods of Switzerland - slowly squealing, stormy, black and deeper than the ground.

Ocean Of Illusion | DOWNLOAD | more info |
A Dialogue With The Dimensions | DOWNLOAD | more info |

ShEver: Ocean Of Illusion

This is their debut album, recorded at basel city studios with Dave Ponzio (DPP Production), released in September 2007.

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01 An Illusion
02 Silver Water
03 End My Silence
04 Oceans Of Pain
05 Obsession
06 Trust

ShEver: A Dialogue With The Dimensions

A Dialogue With The Dimensions was recorded by mario hahn (my shameful, vendetta). The EP was released in 2009.

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01 Transformed into Sadness
02 Doomsky
03 Hagazussa
04 High & Turning

Choke Cocoi: live demo

This was a live recording during the Pack (Switzerland)/S.O.L (Germany) tour held in Cavite back in 2005. This was their first recording before the band went to the studios to do their split release with Urbanos.

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01 Time
02 I.M.B.A
03 My Grief - Broken
04 Beauty
05 Soul I Can't Keep

Choke Cocoi

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hardcore/trash, Philippines

Choke Cocoi (2000 - 2008) was a band bustin' out of the Lucena underground scene. The members were: Sheryl - vocals, Tweety - guitar, QT - bass, Odessa - drums. The band was born out of the ashes of their first Riot Grrl unit UOM. The band was among the few who have managed to independently tour Malaysia and Singapore, and has become legendary in the local underground scene, being cited as an influence by many of today's kids (esp. females) getting started on hardcore and punk. Choke Cocoi disbanded in 2008, but members are still active in the scene and have continued playing in their new bands.

Live demo | DOWNLOAD | more info |
Urbanos/Choke Cocoi split | DOWNLOAD | more info |

Urbanos / Choke Cocoi split

Split cd of 2 hardcore punk bands from the opposite side of the globe - Choke Cocoi (Philippines) and Urbanos (Argentina), released in 2007 on Delusion of Terror Records and TakeFour Collective records.

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01 Urbanos (Urbanos)
02 Asco (Urbanos)
03 Decision (Urbanos)
04 Despertate (Urbanos)
05 Indiferents (Urbanos)
06 No Hay Option (Urbanos)
07 Sin Identidad (Urbanos)
08 Terroristas (Urbanos)
09 No Room (Choke Cocoi)
10 Can't (Choke Cocoi)
11 Beauty (Choke Cocoi)
12 My Grief (Choke Cocoi)
13 Time (Choke Cocoi)
14 IMBA (Choke Cocoi)
15 Karamihan Ng Tao Ay Pu (Choke Cocoi)

Fuck Finger

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hardcore/crust, Poland

Fuck Finger was an underground polish band founded in may 1999. The band was one of the projects of Anarcho-Feminist Group WITCH (Wiedzma). Their texts are usually intimate, personal descriptions of women's experiences living in a patriarchal culture, about women liberation and other feminist issues. In their opinion they are more socially-oriented, dealing with deep-rooted traditions which push people into traps and pressurize them into acting in accordance with socially acceptable roles.

Krolowa Bandytow | DOWNLOAD | more info |

Fuck Finger: Królowa Bandytow

Królowa Bandytow (The Queen of Bandits) was a tape released in December 2002 by Fuck Finger themselves. It was dedicated to Phoolan Devi.

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01 Zdrajczynie
02 Strach
03 Zdzira
04 Ja- odbicie twoich oczekiwań
05 Fuck Finger
06 Czarownice
07 Sakrament
08 Nazwij to jak chcesz
09 Rebel girl (Bikini Kill cover)
10 Pamięci Phoolan Devi

Khatarina: Älä epäröi, vaan äpäröi/Don't hesitate, be a bastard

Truly punishing, pounding d-beat raw punk energy by these five angry women with a lot on their chests. Their lyrics are very strong commentary about the world today from a woman´s perspective –but without being preachy. While the guitarist apparently cuts through some wood with a chainsaw, the vocalists scream and shout both in Finnish and in English. The fluent d-beat by the drummer and the roaring bass-chaos leave no room for any complaints either. Out in 2007 by Deaf Forever, Khatarina Korporation, Condom Black LTD. and Campary Records.

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01 Daddy O
02 Cockrockscene
03 Medication
04 Constructive Criticism
05 Traitor
06 Troublemaker
07 Underdog
08 Aalio

Khatarina: Roaaaaarrr

The album Roaaaaarrrrr (2009) is a collection of their production of demos and splits between 2005 and 2007. This is a japanese tour edition discography CD, released due to their Japan tour.

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01 Nhl 2000
02 Plastic
03 Down
04 Fight Like a Girl
05 Brake The Chain
06 Confused
07 Good Girl
08 D.O.D.S.
09 No More Babies
10 Guilty
11 Tuesday
12 Windbreaker
13 Kill 'em All
14 Chicks Can't Pay
15 Daddy O
16 Cockrockscene
17 Medication
18 Constructive Criticism
19 Traitor
20 Troublemaker
21 Underdog
22 Aalio


hardcore/crust, Finland

Khatarina is a crust punk band from Turku, Finland. It si formed by five brave women and tough musicians: Anne and Kerttu for the voices, Johanna at the guitar, Helena at the bass and Laura at the drums. The band was formed in 2003 to play aggressive hardcore punk with femminist attitude. They sing partly in Finnish and partly in English. Their songs are more relevant in the social sense by being feminist in nature taking on such issues as gender roles, alcohol abuse and macho attitudes towards women in bands etc.

Khatarina | DOWNLOAD |
Don't hesitate, be a bastard | DOWNLOAD | more info |
Roaaaaarrr | DOWNLOAD | more info |

Motorama: Psychotronic is the Beat

Psychotronic is the Beat ( released on Dead Beat Records in 2008) is a rough, loud, relentless, exciting, brashy and bratty punk'n'roll garage platter, it's an excellent sorta trashy rock'n'roll. This is Motorama's second album, following on from 2003's No Bass Fidelity, and they pull no punches at all with it coming over with a loud 'n' live feel and boot in the head size and sound.

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01 Black&White
02 Tiki Tramp
03 Tell Me! What!
04 Chinese Blues
05 Gossip Reputation
06 All Right
07 I Do As I Like
08 Superalcoholic
09 Damaged Goods
10 We Are Here, We Are Hungry
11 Candy Kisses
12 If You Could See Me

Agatha: Greetings From Ssg

The album is co-produced with Vurt Records of Rome and Wallace Records of Milan, released in 2005. The vocals are always screamy, visceral and totally angry, over rancid/acerbic sounds, harshly melting hard-core and noise with a black irony and slicing melodies like a machete. Agatha's line-up while recording this album: Pamela, voice and bass, Claudia at drums, Daniela for guitars.

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01 Introducing The Band
02 Temper
03 March, 1st, 2005
04 My Teacher Plays In A Metal Band
05 I Love My Gfs
06 Pleasure
07 We're A Band Of Freaks
08 Part Two
09 Dani Was In Love With Burzum

Tožibabe mix

The tracks which could be found on various compilations like Hardcore Ljubljana etc. but Tožibabe never released as their own album.

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01 Hočem
02 Zmeraj
03 Ko boš prišel
04 Bog
05 Nekega lepega dne
06 Moja praznina
07 Nočem te več


hardcore, Slovenia (former Yugoslavia)

Tožibabe are the first slovenian and yugoslavian all-female rock band where only girls are the authors of all music and lyrics. The band existed in the 80'. The members were Marsa, Lidija and Krischka from the beginnig till the end, at the very first beginning also Pika and in the period when they had been recording their 7'' "Dežuje" also Barbara on the keybords. They play original, energetic, primitive and raw hardcore. Their lyrics are very gloomy and desperate, more on the personal side. They've also recorded some videospots with their authorial scenario and direction. One interesting thing about Tožibabe is that they were changing duties at instruments for each song, and were all screaming.

Dežuje | DOWNLOAD | more info |
Tožibabe mix |
DOWNLOAD | more info |

Tožibabe: Dežuje

Sometimes called "Dežuje" maxi single or "Dežuje" mini LP, but this is basically 7'' that was published on FV. It was recorded in the studio "Top-Ten" in Ljubljana in 1986. lyrics are originally in Slevene, but are also translated in English.

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01 Dežuje
02 Trash
03 Ti
04 Lutke


punk n' roll/new wave/post-rock, Croatia

Punčke is a band from Vinkovci, Croatia. They started to play in autumn of 2007. The band was counting six members at one time but now it consists of three girls: Lucija Ivšić: guitars, vocals, Ena Baćanović - Ruby: drums, Anja Tkalec: bass guitar. The music they play now is no longer ''girlie punk rock'' inspired by the Ramones, however they had turned to more alternative & post rock sound with influences such as Television, Patti Smith, Joy Division, Siouxsie and the Banshes, The Strokes and such.

Free download (containing 1 4 1, Umorna, Kilkenny, Gospodin H, Ignoriraj Šum) | DOWNLOAD |
Robot koji hekla |
DOWNLOAD | more info |
Mehanizmi obrane | DOWNLOAD | more info |
Sunčano s povremenom naoblakom | DOWNLOAD | more info |

Motorama: No Bass Fidelity

Released in 2003 on Bar La Muerte & Vida Loca Records. The whole album holds a true militant feminist spirit, and Motorama sure have a lot of fun and cynicism to spear.

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01 Lucienne
02 Spastic song
03 Wild girl
04 77
05 Nag
06 Drive mary home, babe
07 Possession
08 Call me not
09 Your boots
10 Teenage stomp!
11 Bow-shaped lips
12 Motorama
13 Devil's fudge cake [666]

Agatha: Getting Dressed for a Death Metal Party

The EP was released in 2007, two years after the debut "Greetings from S.sg", as a coproduction of Wallace, Basura, Full speed Ahed, Smartz, Stress to death, The fucking fucking & Weirdo.

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01 16 Things I Like
02 Three Night Stand
03 Astrology Sucks When You Are a Scorpio
04 Agatha's Theory On High Heels


sludge/metal/noise/punk, Italy

Agatha is a two piece girl band based in Milano, Italy. They are Pamela, bass, pedals, noise and voice and Claudia, drums, beats, and loud cymbals. They started playing in 2003 as a trio (Daniela - guitar 2003/2008 , then Viole - guitar 2008/2010). Then they decided to continue in two, playing louder than before.

Greetings From Ssg | DOWNLOAD | more info |
Getting Dressed for a Death Metal Party | DOWNLOAD | more info |
Goatness | DOWNLOAD | more info |


garage/punk/new wave, Italy

Motorama in a two-piece band from Rome. The grrrls are playing post-punk garage with a great weird tremelo guitar they call "elephant-fuzz". These two girls (once they were three) have been playing since 2000. Their music is so frantic and energetic that seems hard to believe there isn't a full band. This girly duo is all about rocking hard with a great punkish/d.i.y attitude and a greasy garage sound. Motorama are raw and filthy, just like a riot girl band supposed to be. Their music ranges from the late 80's/early 90's riot grrrls sound which defined bands such as Babes In Toyland and Hole (on their first album) to more forward thinking acts like Sonic Youth and Blonde Redhead to the vibrating energies of Atari Teenage Riot , minus the electronics. Current line-up: Daniella (guitar, vox), Irene (drums, back vox).

No Bass Fidelity | DOWNLOAD | more info |
Psychotronic is the Beat |
DOWNLOAD | more info |

Beyond Pink: Cunt-oh-licious

This is their debut 7" released on Cunts On Discount Rec and Lipstick MachinegunRec in 2002.

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01 You're Stupid-hurray!
02 Not after your boys
03 Reclaim the Masturbation
04 We Love Electrocutes
05 Ignorant Punkgirl
06 Harrassed
07 The Lovesong
08 Beyond Pink
09 Lipstickbutchfaggrrrl
10 The Supprot Song

Beyond Pink: Jedan dva, jebla te ja

"Jedan dva jebla te ja" is a full length LP release on Emancypunx Records in 2007. It contains 12 songs of fast raging angry hardcore with some melodies and tempo changes fronted by two vocalists. One out of the 12 songs on the LP is a Misfits coversong.

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01 Walking Bajamaja
02 Ponosna Picka Mater, Ditt As
03 Grannsamverkan
04 Work out to Kill
05 The Angry Game
06 Know Your Enemy
07 Batman vs Agent 007
08 Lågstadiepoesi
09 Slave for my Uterus
10 Guitarmaster Dick
11 Topmeeting Theme
12 Where Eagles Stare

Beyond Pink: Try This At Home, Kids

Six songs of pissed and angry HC/Punk with influences of fast & trashy 80s HC.
This EP was realised in 2009 @ Emancypunx and Diy Or Die.

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01 Intro
02 Jag Vill Inte Dit
03 Proud to Be a Backstabber
04 Karin Boye Goes Kängpunk
05 Dan Då Snuten Tog Jesus Ifrån Mig
06 Killed By Ugly

Beyond Pink

| website | myspace |
hardcore/punk/crust, Sweden

Beyond Pink is a band from Malmö, Sweden. This is definitely something for all those into fast hardcore, as well as riot grrrls sounds and tradition of the 80's swedish hc/punk. Their music reflects how wide influences they have and it makes their music powerful and kicking. Their lyrics are alongside with the music, they reflect anger and critical views on issues like macho/sexistculture, violent dancing, cops, pro-life fundemantalists or corporate capitalism and their financial institutions like WTO and G8.

Cunt-oh-licious | DOWNLOAD | more info |
Jedan dva, jebla te ja | DOWNLOAD | more info |
Try This At Home, Kids | DOWNLOAD | more info |
The New Black | DOWNLOAD | more info |

Vicious Irene

hardcore/punk, Sweden

Vicious Irene is an all grrrl punkcrew from Gothenburg, Sweden. Playin melodious punk, mixing d-beat with rock'n'roll and harmonies. Their style is raw, to the point, pissed off. The vocal melodies are right on, the lyrics are simple and straight forward ideas of breaking norms in society. The band started playin together in the end of 2001 and the years have been filled with gigs and tours mainly around Europe.

- Takin The Night Back | DOWNLOAD | more info |
- Vicious Irene mix | DOWNLOAD | more info |


This is the 3rd release of the band which is released in 2004.

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01 Die die die
02 Beauty or slaughter
03 Agoraphobia
04 Piss me off
05 Grrresistance
06 Animal liberation

Vicious Irene mix

Here you have some of their tracks to download (from the albums Screaming mean Vicious Irene, Pink Pollution, Dont Suffer In Silence and the entire album Takin The Night Back) but you can also by their CDs on their page: http://www.viciousirene.com/

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01 Die Die Die
02 Beauty Or Slaughter
03 Agoraphobia
04 Piss Me Off
05 Grrresistance
06 Animal Liberation
07 Not Yours
08 Trash Doll
09 Alex
10 City On Fire
11 Gutterprincess
12 Murder (live)
13 Partyaction
14 Trigger