Eu Matei Pedro

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hardcore, Brazil

Band members: Sol (vocals), Carol (bass), Caro.l (guitar), xLilianx (drums). The name was taken from the film Happiness (Felicidade) of Todd Solondz.

Demo (including Equinócio, Eu matei Pedro, Sem nome & Silêncio) | DOWNLOAD |

Erase Errata

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experimental/post-punk/indie rock, USA

Erase Errata is a quartet from San Francisco, California. Their music draws inspiration from experimentalists such as Captain Beefheart, The Fall, and disco-influenced post-punk. Since forming in 1999, the band has released several albums as well as a number split singles with various other bands including Black Dice, The Need, Numbers and Sonic Youth. Erase Errata means Erase Error.

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Black Dice/Erase Errata split | DOWNLOAD |
Numbers/Erase Errata split | DOWNLOAD |
Sonic Youth/Erase Errata split | DOWNLOAD |
Other Animals | DOWNLOAD | more info |
At Crystal Palace | DOWNLOAD | more info |
Night Life | DOWNLOAD | more info |

Erase Errata: At Crystal Palace

This is their second album, which came out on 15th September 2003 on Troubleman Unlimited and on Blast First. Jagged dance masterpieces and full-throttle bolts of freak-art groove make up At Crystal Palace. The album is a riot of ideas - restless and begging your full attention, both cerebral and visceral. Ambitious but endlessly accessible.

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01 Driving Test
02 Ca Viewing
03 Go To Sleep
04 Retreat ! The Most Familiar
05 Suprise, It's Easter
06 Let's Be Active C/O Club Hott
07 Flippy Flop
08 Owls
09 Ease On Over
10 The White Horse Is Bucking
11 A Thief Detests The Criminal, Elements Of The Ruling Class
12 Harvester
13 Matter No Medley

Erase Errata: Night Life

Their third album and their first on the Kill Rock Stars label is the sole audible note that takes on the fiery political climate and the banal musical climate that truly follows in the footsteps of the revolution started by DNA, Mars, James Chance, and others. The lyrics are about the government, political disillusionment, and the things that keep us from thinking about what is really going on--being distracted by night life, consumerism and celebrity watching. Released on July 25, 2006.

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01 Cruising
02 Hotel Suicide
03 Another Genius Idea From Our Government
04 Take You
05 Dust
06 Tax Dollar
07 Rider
08 Beacon
09 He Wants What's Mine
10 Giant Hans
11 Wasteland (In A...)
12 Night Life

Fabulous Disaster

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pop-punk, USA

Fabulous Disaster formed in San Francisco in 1998. Touring heavily in the US, Europe, Canada and Japan, they quickly earned their own legion of fans world wide while appearing with major acts such as NOFX, The Ataris, Mad Caddies and the Dickies. Line-up: Lynda Mandolyn (vocals), Squeaky (guitar), Lizzie Boredom (bass), Sally Disaster (drums).

Put Out or Get Out | DOWNLOAD | more info |
Panty Raid! | DOWNLOAD | more info |
I'm a Mess | DOWNLOAD |
Love At First Fight | DOWNLOAD | more info |

Fabulous Disaster: Love At First Fight

In 2007, with a brand new contract signed to I Scream Records, Fabulous Disaster released their first full length cd.

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01 Such A Stupid Girl
02 Final Stab
03 Last Call
04 Auto Pilot
05 Needle And A Valentine
06 Star Car
07 Bitter Pills
08 End Of The Line
09 Walking Down Sunset
10 All Inside My Head
11 Say What You Want
12 Back To Berlin
13 Tidal Wave
14 No Easy Way Out
15 Turn The Lights Out

Finally Punk

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punk/rock, USA

Four girls from Austin, TX playing their own style of punk that sound like equal parts Mika Miko, Lungleg and Meltdown. Hilarious, true and liberating. Members are: Erin Budd, Stephanie Chan, Veronica Ortuño, Elizabeth Skadden. Tobi Vail of Bikini Kill said: "This is the band Bikini Kill was trying to inspire with riot grrrl."

Hypertension | DOWNLOAD | more info |

Finally Punk: Hypertension

A collection of their three 7"s and unreleased/rare tracks. Reelased in 2009 on Abl Records/Germs of Youth.

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01 Henry
02 Peyote
03 5 Year Old Angst
04 Missile
05 Pregnant
06 Johnny Depp vs. Gator
07 Penguin
08 Manatee
09 Redneck Gout Club
10 Jazz Hit
11 Perks of Old People
12 Ein Zwei Polizei
13 Negative Creep (Nirvana cover)
14 Australia
15 Primary Colors
16 Environmentality
17 Bitch Witch
18 Boyfriend Application
19 Dear Diary, Men Are Pigs
20 Know Age
21 Baldcake
22 Coffee, Tea, and Misery
23 Hypertension
24 Indian Giver
25 Climb the Sky
26 Six Years Doing Time In A Nightclub (Prima Donnas cover)


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indie rock, USA

Sleater-Kinney was an American indie rock band that existed from 1994 to 2006. The band’s most prominent lineup was vocalist/guitarist Corin Tucker (ex-Heavens to Betsy, Cadallaca), guitarist/vocalist Carrie Brownstein (ex-Excuse 17, The Spells) and drummer Janet Weiss (Motorgoat, Quasi, Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks). Sleater-Kinney has had other drummers throughout its existence, including Lora Macfarlane, Misty Farrell, and Toni Gogin. Formed in Olympia, Washington, the group’s name is derived from Sleater Kinney Road, Interstate 5 off ramp #108 in Lacey, Washington, the location of one of their early practice spaces. They formed in and were a vital part of the riot grrrl and punk scenes in Washington, although they later relocated to Portland, Oregon. Throughout its existence the band was often noted by critics for its “anthemic” feminist message, its willingness to reinvent the musical palette of punk rock, and its consistency in producing highly acclaimed albums.

Call the Doctor | DOWNLOAD | more info |
Dig Me Out | DOWNLOAD | more info |
The Hot Rock | DOWNLOAD | more info |
All Hands on the Bad One | DOWNLOAD | more info |
One Beat | DOWNLOAD | more info |
The Woods | DOWNLOAD | more info |

Sleater-Kinney: Sleater-Kinney

Sleater-Kinney: Call the Doctor

Their 2nd album, released in 1996 on Chainsaw Records. Aggressive punk with political overtones alternating with alternative ballads.

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01 Call the Doctor
02 Hubcap
03 Little Mouth
04 Anonymous
05 Stay Where You Are
06 Good Things
07 I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone
08 Taking Me Home
09 Taste Test
10 My Stuff
11 I'm Not Waiting
12 Heart Attack

Sleater-Kinney: Dig Me Out

Members of Excuse 17, Heavens To Betsy & Quasi cut weaving vocals with choppy harmonies to rock their 3rd release. Simple, stripped-down rock n roll and one the finest voices in the scene. Reelased on Kill Rock Stars, the first 2 were released on Chainsaw Records.

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01 Dig Me Out
02 One More Hour
03 Turn It On
04 The Drama You've Been Craving
05 Heart Factory
06 Words And Guitar
07 It's Enough
08 Little Babies
09 Not What You Want
10 Buy Her Candy
11 Things You Say
12 Dance Song '97
13 Jenny

Sleater-Kinney: The Hot Rock

The Hot Rock is a troublesome, dark and thoughtful album. Gone are the out-and-out flailing maelstroms of riot-grrl power pop like "Dig Me Out" and "Words and Guitar". It was released in 1999 on Kill Rock Stars.

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01 Start Together
02 Hot Rock
03 The End Of You
04 Burn, Don't Freeze!
05 God Is A Number
06 Banned From The End Of The World
07 Don't Talk Like
08 Get Up
09 One Song For You
10 The Size Of Our Love
11 Living In Exile
12 Memorize Your Lines
13 A Quarter To Three

Sleater-Kinney: All Hands on the Bad One

Released in 2000 on Kill Rock Stars.

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01 The Ballad Of A Ladyman
02 Ironclad
03 All Hands On The Bad One
04 Youth Decay
05 You're No Rock N' Roll Fun
06 #1 Must Have
07 The Professional
08 Was It A Lie?
09 Male Model
10 Leave You Behind
11 Milkshake N' Honey
12 Pompeii
13 The Swimmer

Sleater-Kinney: One Beat

Released in 2002. This is their last album on Kill Rock Stars.

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01 One Beat
02 Faraway
03 Oh!
04 The Remainder
05 Light Rail Coyote
06 Step Aside
07 Combat Rock
08 Oxygen
09 Funeral Song
10 Prisstina
11 Hollywood Ending
12 Sympathy

Sleater-Kinney: The Woods

Sleater-Kinney moved from longtime label Kill Rock Stars over to Sub Pop and they parted ways with producer John Goodmanson and instead worked with Dave Fridmann. The results, 2005′s The Woods. Full of the classic-rock leanings that had boiled beneath the surface of the band, especially since drummer Janet Weiss came on board, The Woods is a torrential record that unleashed Sleater-Kinney’s songwriting and Corin Tucker’s voice in a way unheard before.

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01 The Fox
02 Wilderness
03 What's Mine Is Yours
04 Jumpers
05 Modern Girl
06 Entertain
07 Rollercoaster
08 Steep Air
09 Let's Call It Love
10 Night Light

Punčke: Robot koji hekla

In 2010 Punčke have released their first demo "Robot koji hekla". The lyrics are mostly in croatian languange. Production/recording: Mooprodakšn, Vinkovci.

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01 Umorna
02 141
03 Ja sam ta
04 Ona
05 Početak kraja
06 Pokušaj
07 Soba Panike
08 Svjetlost

Kaos Klitoriano

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hardcore/punk, Brazil

They play since 1993 as a primal band to fight for the rights of women in Brazil, They used to participate as members of the Brazil MAP (Anarcho Punk Movement). Their lyrics are pretty acid and they're dealing with very polemic themes as abortion, social equality, freedom for lesbians and gays, and politics issues.

Kaos Klitoriano/Kólica split | DOWNLOAD | more info |

Kaos Klitoriano/Kólica split

Split of 2 all-female hardcore/punk bands - Kaos Klitoriano from Brazil and Kólica from Spain - released in 2002

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Kaos Klitoriano:
01 Kaos Klitoriano
02 Revolta Incontida
03 Direito Ao Aborto
04 Desprezivel Ser
05 Dura Rotina
06 Pela Vida, Pela Paz
07 Falsidade Política
08 Mundo Imundo
09 Igualdade Humana
10 Consiga Viver, Para Assim Existir
11 Anti Patriarca
12 Amor Livre

01 90 60 90
02 Domínio
03 Sozinha
04 Pesadelo
05 Mulher Alienada
06 Diferenças
07 Solidariedade
08 Auto
09 Vida Sem Opção
10 Vida Seca
11 Massacre
12 Dança Da Violência
13 Não
14 Violência Masculina
15 Buio
16 I.B.S

Sleazy, Inc. Operated

post-punk/power-pop, Germany

This trio from Leipzig plays since 2003. With a singer/guitarist whose voice recalls Lesley Woods, a lanky bassist who loves to pose, and a powerhouse of a drummer, they are somewhere between post-punk and power pop, filling the small stage with a riot of galloping rhythms, stop-start songs and a clear enjoyment in doing what they do.

Sleazy Listeninc | DOWNLOAD | more info |
Chiaroscuro | DOWNLOAD | more info |

Sleazy, Inc. Operated: Sleazy Listeninc

After gingerly attempts to walk with a shortplayer they release their first self-produced longplayer “Sleazy Listeninc” in 2006.

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01 Like Snow
02 Marry Me
03 Everything is easier than standing for it
04 Stormy weather (part 1)
05 Stormy Weather (part 2)
06 Peace of Mind
07 Riot

Sleazy, Inc. Operated: Chiaroscuro

This is their second self-produced longplay, released in 2007.

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01 Pixel
02 Oh My Love
03 Defiant
04 Glory & Grace
05 The Trick
06 Your Nearness Is My Place
07 Black Hole
08 I Want Love


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hardcore/grindcore, Brazil

Infect was a brazillian band formed in 1998 by friends Estela and Inda. With their headquarters located in Sao Paulo, the formation was completed with another couple of friends, Tatiana Bianca and guitarist Juliana. Five years after its formation, Infect disbanded. Some of their components have continued in music as Juliana in War Inside (currently Sguardo Realta), Tatiana in No Violence and I Shot Cyrus, and Estela in Macedonia. Their sound is a mix of hardcore, punk and grindcore, citing among its main influences Napalm Death, Bad Brains, Misfits and Suicidal Tendencies.

Infect/Discarga split
| DOWNLOAD | more info |
Estrépito | DOWNLOAD (password: youbleedwesmile) | more info |
Indelével | DOWNLOAD |

Infect: Estrépito

Released in 2002 on Commitment Records.

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01 Em Nossas Mãos
02 Divisão De Tarefas
03 Acreditando Lagrimas
04 De Desgosto
05 America Latina
06 Derrube Os Muros
07 Irmãs
08 Pintocore
09 Sociedade Masculina
10 Menor
11 Todas Temos
12 Homofobia
13 Estrépito

Infect/Discarga split

Split of 2 Brazilian bands, released in 2002 on 78 Life Recordings.

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01 Infect - Todas Temos
02 Infect - Acerditando
03 Infect - Irmãs
04 Infect - Pintocore
05 Infect - Lágrimas de Desgosto
06 Infect - Divisão de Tarefas
07 Infect - Menor
08 Infect - Jackson Antunes
09 Discarga - Barreira
10 Discarga - Junk Mail (Circle Jerks)
11 Discarga - Rock And Roll All Night (Kiss)
12 Discarga - Iron Will (Nations on Fire)
13 Discarga - Ace of Spades / Shine (Motorhead)
14 Discarga - Justiça Divina

Ice Age

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trash metal, Sweden

Formed on January 14th 1985 by Sabrina Kihlstrand and Pia Nyström, who met through an ad in a music store, Ice Age was completed with Sabrina’s sister, Helena, and Tina Strömberg behind the drums. Its beginnings were rather power metal, sound reflected in their first demo “Solid Rock”, which was the band’s name before changing to Ice Age.

Rock Solid | DOWNNLOAD |
General Alert | DOWNNLOAD |
Instant Justice | DOWNNLOAD |