alternative, Switzerland

With the agressiveness of a tiger in Formica, Massicot oscillates between frank and noisy moments and hypnotic, repetitivephases. An obsessive, rythmic guitar, a modeled bass, a violin as an free electron, tropical kraut drums led by latvian poetry form a mass, a constellation of electrical dinosaurs, imported pineapples, cloud-drawings, intricate rhythms and Dada-jokes.

Punčke: Sunčano s povremenom naoblakom

 After six years, Punčke have finally released their debut studio album on the 14.09.2013. Music by Punčke, lyrics by Lucija Ivšić (guitarist and singer). Design: Ena Bacanovic - Ruby (drummer). Self-released by Punčke.

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01 Počet Ću Iznova
02 Prije Spavanja
03 Iz Dana U Dan
04 141
05 Ritam Kaosa
06 Loše Vijesti
07 Promjena
08 Srce
09 Petra Pan
10 Doručak


fuzzy post-punk

 Two piece sister noise monster. Skamp started around the summer of 2010 in the heat of boredom and frustration of the lackluster music scene. Band members: Kaylee Lewis-vox, guitars, Jancee Lewis-drums, yells.

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punk/psychedelic/progressive, USA

A·pos·ta·sis = a total desertion of or departure from one's religion, principles, party, cause, etc.; an abscess. Apostasis are a four piece band from Los Angeles, mainly south east L.A. They started in February 2012. Band members: Crystal - Bass, Vikki - Guitar, Kass - Guitar, Binky - Beets.

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metal/crossover, Russia

Pincher is an all-girl Moscow band hellbent on delivering the finest crossover metal since 2009. Formed by members of a seminal grunge act Diet Pill, the trio is busy being a hard hitting live sensation, playing both home turf and touring Russia to no end. Their mission is to sing the messages of utmost urgency, celebrating independence of thought and action, backing it up by fastest rhythms and hookiest riffs. Band members: Jannet - bass guitar, vocal; Tamara - guitar, backing vocal; Maria - drums.

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