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punk, USA

A bend from New York City. The bend formed in 1987 and has been on hiatus since 2000. Their music was described as "a frenzied mix of punk, metal, pop and rock". The band claimed influences including The Ramones, Kiss, and the MC5. Theo Kogan, Gina Volpe, and Sydney "Squid" Silver formed the band and Sindi Benezra was asked to join shortly after. The band played their first show in 1988 with Theo's then-boyfriend Mike on the drums. With drummer Becky Wreck (Susan Rebecca Lloyd) on board they released a self-titled 4-song EP in 1989. The band later expressed their strong dislike for the albums production and the fact that they did not earn any money from Blast First.

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Lunachicks: Binge & Purge

Their second labum, released February 2, 1992 by Safe House. The album was produced by Mason Temple along with the band. The album was recorded at SST, Weehawken NJ, mixed at Quad Recording, NYC and mastered at MDI, Toronto. Many of their songs involve feminist issues.

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01 Apathetic
02 Plugg
03 P.S. Hell
04 Binge & Purge
05 Mom
06 Super Strong
07 This Is Serious
08 Whole Lotta B.S.
09 2 Bad 4 U
10 11
11 Ripu
12 C.I.L.L.

Lunachicks: Babysitters on Acid

Their first album, released in 1990 by Blast First Records, roduced by Wharton Tiers. The record was only available in Europe until it was re-released on Go-Kart Records in 2001.

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01 Jan Brady
02 Glad I'm Not Yew
03 Babysitters On Acid
04 Makin' It (With Other Species)
05 Mabel Rock
06 Theme Song
07 Born 2B Mild 2
08 Pin Eye Woman 665
09 Cookie Core
10 Octopussy
11 Sugar Luv
12 Complication


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new wave/punk, Croatia

The band was formed in 2008 in Rijeka as a trio and at that time it was called Larve. In 2010 they changed their name to Leifert nad now they're a duo with Petra Baričević on bass and voice and Vida Fućak on sinth and rythm machine. The lyrics are inspired by everyday sutuations and unusuall experiences.

Demo (including Bubimir, Razum, List) | DOWNLOAD |