L7: Hungry for Stink

This is their fourth album, released in July 1994 during their Lollapalooza tour. The title is taken from a personal ad that was seen by one of the bandmembers shortly before the album was released. Musically the album is heavier than the band's previous work, marking the culmination of their progression from a largely punk to metal sound. Lyrically the songs concern "darker" themes; for example stalking on "Can I Run", and depression and insanity on "Questioning My Sanity".

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01 Andres
02 Baggage
03 Can I Run
04 The Bomb
05 Questioning My Sanity
06 Riding With a Movie Star
07 Stuck Here Again
08 Fuel My Fire
09 Freak Magnet
10 She Has Eyes
11 Shirley
12 Talk Box

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