Red Aunts

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punk-rock/garage rock, USA

The Red Aunts formed in 1991 in Long Beach, California by guitarist/vocalist Terri Wahl. She recruited two of her friends, lead vocalist/guitarist Kerry Davis and bassist Debi Martini — who, like her, had never before been in a band or received formal musical training. Learning to play was a collective process, but it didn’t take too long for the band to become comfortable enough to issue two 7” indie singles, with Jon Wahl in tow as a drummer of convenience (under the alias Joan Whale). He was subsequently replaced full-time by Lesley Noelle. The Red Aunts rapidly developed their own sound, going from raw simple punk to more complicated garage-punk-blues within the space of their seven years and five full length albums. The inevitable rock-star ego-tripping and feuds with other bands and punk magazines somewhat diminished their stature in Los Angeles and they disbanded in 1998.

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#1 Chicken
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