Girlschool: Running Wild

This is the fifth studio album by the Girlschool, released on Mercury Records in 1985. It is the only studio work released as a five-piece group after singer and lead guitarist Kelly Johnson had left the band. Vocals duties on the album are shared by Jackie Bodimead and Kim McAuliffe. Running Wild was released only in America and presents a more commercial sound than Girlschool's early albums, to satisfy the taste of an audience used to the sound of FM AOR and glam rock. It was produced by Nick Tauber. The song "Do You Love Me?" is a Kiss cover.

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01 Let Me Go
02 Running Wild
03 Do You Love Me?
04 Something For Nothing
05 Are You Ready?
06 Nowhere To Run
07 I Want You Back
08 Nasty Nasty
09 Love Is A Lie
10 Can't You See

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