Mind of Asian

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hardcore/powerviolence, Japan

Mind Of Asian play bunring raw, basic and very fast in your face hardcore thrash with a formidable catchy vibe. Mind of Asian continue to crank out some of the most ferocious fastcore thrash in existence. These four women from Tokyo unleash a barrage of Infest style fast fucking hardcore.

紅い華/Akai Hana | DOWNLOAD | DOWNLOAD |

沈黙の霧の中/Chinmoku No Kiri No Naka | DOWNLOAD |
大きな森の小さな象/A Small Elephant In a Large Forest | DOWNLOAD | more info |
Unholy Grave/Mind of Asian split | DOWNLOAD |


  1. your links for :
    紅い華/Akai Hana
    大きな森の小さな象/A Small Elephant In a Large Forest
    didn't work - the other two were fine ... can you help? *grin*



  2. All of the links are dead now, just letting you know. But thanks anyway; I wouldn't even know about this band if it weren't for this blogspot. cheers!