L7: L7

L7 is the eponymous debut album by Los Angeles band L7. Recorded in 1987 and released in 1988 on Epitaph Records, the album demonstrates the band's punk rock origins, although there are traces of the heavier grunge sound that would dominate their later work.

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01 Bite the wax tadpole
02 Cat o' nine tails
03 Metal stampede
04 Let's rock tonight
05 Uncle Bob
06 Snake handler
07 Runnin' from the law
08 Cool out
09 It's not you
10 I drink
11 Ms. 45


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grunge/rock/punk, USA

The band was formed in 1985 by Donita Sparks and Suzi Gardner, who were later joined by Jennifer Finch and Dee Plakas. They signed to Epitaph Records for their first album and to Sub Pop in 1989. The name is taken from a slang phrase from the 1950s which means “square,” but is often mistaken for a reference to a sex position, also called “69”. In 1991 the band formed Rock For Choice, a Pro-Choice women’s rights group which was supported by other bands of that era, including Nirvana, Mudhoney, Pearl Jam, 7 Year Bitch. Rock for Choice still exists. The band gained a certain amount of notoriety for their performance at the 1992 Reading Festival, when Donita Sparks removed her tampon on-stage and threw it into the crowd in protest against the missiles being thrown by the crowd. In the UK, the band are most famous for an appearance on the popular late-night entertainment programme The Word, in which Sparks pulled her pants down to reveal her pubic area. During a live show in London in 2000, the band offered a one night stand with Dee Plakas as a raffle prize, although it is unclear as to whether this was a genuine offer or not. According to the band’s website, “L7 are on an indefinite hiatus. We know that’s vague, but that’s just the way it is. The future of the band is a bit up in the air at the moment.”

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Smell the Magic
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Bricks Are Heavy
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simphonic black metal/gothic, Mexico

Déborah is an all female, Mexican Christian Black Metal band. The band has formed in 2001. Bend members: Miriam López (guitar,violin and vocal), Claudia Martínez (vocal) and Rocío del Moral Osnaya (bass).

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trash metal, Brazil

They were formed in 2004 in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Band members: Angélica Burns (vocal), Julia Pombo (guitar), Cíntia Ventania (bass) and Cynthia Tsai Yuen (drums).

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Astarte: Quod Superius Sicut Inferius

This is a LP released in 2002 on Black Lotus Records. It was recorded in Praxis studios.

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01 Reign Unfold
02 Inflamed Paradox
03 Oblivious Darkness
04 Deep Down The Cosmos
05 Astarte
06 Incarnate Legend Of Mummy Queen
07 In Velvet Slumber
08 Sickness
09 Quod Superius Sicut Inferius
10 Crossing The Wounded Mirror Of Death

Astarte: Rise from Within

This is their second LP, released in 2000. With this album their music has became more complex, melodic and technical, covering more styles such as thrash and death.

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01 Furious Animosity
02 Rise From Within I (Mystical Provocation)
03 Rise From Within II (Selenium Erring)
04 Naked Hands
05 Genesis
06 Liquid Myth
07 Non Existent Equilibrium
08 Rise From Within III
09 Risen From Within

Astarte: Doomed Dark Years

This is their first LP, released in 1998 on Black Lotus Records. Aggressive riffs, melodic passages and dark, conceptual lyrical focus on paganism and a unique style. With a duration of 50 minutes, it contains a conceptual three-part story called “Thorns Of Charon”, dedicated to the goddess Astarte.

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01 Passage To Eternity
02 Voyage Of Eternal Life
03 Thorns Of Charon - Part I (Astarte's Call)
04 Doomed Dark Years
05 Thorns Of Charon - Part II (Emerge From Hades)
06 Thorns Of Charon - Part III (Pathway To Unlight)
07 Empress Of The Shadow Land
08 The Rise Of Metropolis

Astarte: Sirens

This LP was released in 2004 on Avantgarde Music.

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01 Dark Infected Circles (Outbreak)
02 Black Mighty Gods
03 Lloth
04 Bitterness Of Mortality (MecomaN)
05 Deviate
06 Oceanus Procellarum (Liquid Tomb)
07 The Ring (Of Sorrow)
08 Twist, Nail, Torture
09 Sirens
10 Underwater Persephone