Punčke: Mehanizmi obrane

This is Punčke's 2nd EP. Released on 14 February 2012, recorded & produced by Karlo Batrla. Artwork photography by Lucija Ivsic (guitarist and singer of Punčke), artwork design by Ena Bacanovic - sohoruby.tk (drummer of Punčke).

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01 Ritam kaosa
02 Srce
03 Teško dišem
04 Jesen u New Yorku

Riot Grrrl Berlin Compilation 03: Free Pussy Riot

"The third Riot Grrrl Berlin compilationto is dedicated to the lady’s who are  in jail in russia under a SUSPICION (!!!) that they were involved in a peaceful  protest with the group known as Pussy Riot

(45 bands / 2:15 hours/204 mb)

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