Girlschool: Girlschool

This is their eighth studio album, eleased on Communiqué Records and Progressive International in 1992. It is the fourth and last studio album recorded with lead guitarist Cris Bonacci and the only one with bassist Jackie Carrera. It is also the first Girlschool album to by self-produced for an independent British label. The album was going to be called No Bollocks! But in the end they decided to call it simply Girlschool because they realized they'd never used the name of the band as a title before.

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01 My Ambition
02 One More
03 Can't Say No
04 Wild at Heart
05 Can't Do That
06 Ee Came
07 Can't Keep a Good Girl Down
08 Sitting Pretty
09 On My Way
10 Take Me I'm Yours

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