The Wage Of Sin

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hardcore/metalcore/metal, USA

The Wage of Sin were a band from Jersey City, New Jersey, formed in October 2000 by Rachel Rosen. Rachel finally had time to start an all girl band like she had always wanted. She wanted to prove that there are girls in hardcore who can play their instruments well and write their own songs. The Wage of Sin managed to write songs that combine elements of hardcore, metal, and punk that clearly holds its own against their more testosterone-heavy counterparts. They’ve shared the stage with such hardcore and metal luminaries as Converge, Sick of It All, Poison the Well and Shai Hulud and they’ve never once come across as the weaker sex. The band released two albums: The Product of Deceit and Loneliness (2002), A Mistaken Belief in Forever (2003), and disbanded in May 2005.

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De Fatwa's

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hardcore, Netherlands

De Fatwa's is a band from Amsterdam and exists since February 2003. Their music is a fast, taken on the basics of late 70ties punk. The songs are straightforward and short, with lyrics about women issues and social politics.

Demo (including Don't Buy, Lafaard, Not With Me, On the Street) | DOWNLOAD |

El Monstrino

punk/psychobilly/garage/indie, Russia

Band from Moscow, Russia.

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funk/punk-rock/new wave, Serbia

Serbian alt-rock band from Novi Sad formed in 1981 by Biljana B. - drums, Jasna M. - vocals, lyrics, keyboards, Vesna B. - guitar, Ljilja M. - bass. After Vesna has left the band, Darko M. joined and Boye weren't an all-female group anymore.

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Boye se ne boje!/Boye Aren't Affraid!

Prevariti navihku | DOWNLOAD |

Cadallaca: Out West,

Cadallaca: Introducing Cadallaca

This is Cadallaca's first LP that came out in 1998 by K. Records.

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01 Your One Wish
02 June-n-July
03 You're My Only One
04 Pocket Games
05 Night Vandals
06 Two Beers Later
07 O Chenilla
08 Cadallaca Theme
09 Firetrap
10 Winter Storm '98


indie rock, USA

Cadallaca is an indie rock band formed at a party in Portland, Oregon in 1997. The group consists of Corin Tucker of Sleater-Kinney (lead vocals and guitar), Sarah Dougher of The Lookers (Farfisa organ), and sts, also of the Lookers (drums). The three ladies in the band have adopted the nicknames Kissy, Dusty, and Junior. The band is often described as being an old-fashioned girl group, in the tradition of such acts as the Shangri-Las, with a feminist rhetoric.

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indie rock/mathrock, USA

Autoclave was a short-lived all-female indie rock band based in Washington, D.C. Formed in the summer of 1990, the group consisted of Christina Billotte (vocals and electric bass guitar), Mary Timony (electric guitar and vocals), Nikki Chapman (electric guitar and vocals), and Melissa Berkoff (drum set). The group became known for their intelligent, slightly off-kilter brand of rock, which featured the use of compound and changing meters, thus affiliating them with the “math rock” movement. In 1991 they released a self titled album. The group broke up in May 1991, with Timony joining Helium and Billotte forming Slant 6.

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Iva Nova: K sebe nezhno/Ива Нова: К себе нежно

Released in 2010.

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01 Интро
02 Crazy Conductor
03 Море
04 Кавказское танго
05 Полька - Сердце
06 Сердце без слов
07 Холмогоры
08 Колыбельная 'Блюз'
09 Zana
10 Яга
11 Приходи
12 Финское танго
13 Самокрутка
14 Вальс (пивная международная)


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acoustic/folk/doom, USA

The realization that the darkest days are yet to come inspired the 3 grrrls of Vradiazei to abandon the use of electricity in their music. They express the anguish of the past, the desperation of the present, and the uncertainty of the future without it. When the world is left in ruin their sound will echo in the empty streets.

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