Agatha: Goatness

Released in 2011 on Wallace Records and Basement City Records. Eight heavy and doomy songs, a mix of sludge, noise, doom, punk played by just one distorted bass and powerful drums. On this record Agatha's sound takes a heavier direction, with growl voices, screams and big bass chords. The LP comes out with a beautiful shaped watercolor artwork, painted by acclaimed italian tattoo artist Pietro Sedda and photo shots by ELena Buscemi.

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01 Mosh Training
02 For Whom The Alarm Tolls
03 The Hard Life Of Last Minute Lyric Writers
04 Autunn((O))
05 Punk Explained To My Mother
06 Slayer Vs Morrissey
07 Take Care Of My Carogna
08 Un Univers Dans Une Tasse De Thé

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