Labels, festivals, collectives, zines & other


La Moustache (myspace)
La Moustache puts on non-profit diy gigs in Berlin with a focus on female/queer artists.

Female trouble
Female Trouble is a group of like-minded feisty females from Manchester, UK. Inspired by their favourite grrrl discos and distros, they plan to host fundraisers for female-focused charities and host some amazing gigs and club nights.

An anarcho-feminist group from Poland which formed an all-female Fuck Finger and edited the Wiedzma/Witch zine.

Youth against homophobia and sexism.

Yo Go Grrrl
A group of women from Göteborg (Sweden) that organizes concerts/shows/parties/workshops etc. for, by, with and about women and alternative culture.

A femminist collective based in Beirut working on gender justice in Arab societies.

Mesto žensk
A collective for promotion of women in our culture.

  Festivals, ladyfests, camps, etc.:

Girls Rock! U.K.
They are a non-profit organisation that commits to encouraging, engaging and showcasing the musical, artistic and individual talents of girls and young women aged 8-18. RocknRoll Camp for Girls U.K. will provide girls and young women with the opportunity to become self-reliant, confident, creative women who know that their voices have a right to be heard, regardless of their age, class, size, abilities, sexuality, gender identification, religion, ethnicity, race or experience.

Red Dawns/Rdeče zore (facebook)
International feminist and queer festival, based in ACC Metelkova mesto, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Vox Feminae - Ladyfest Zagreb
Vox Feminae 4 - Ladyfest Zagreb in 2010. will for the first time feature International Film Festival focusing on gender roles, stereotypes and relationships.

Lad.i.y.fest Berlin
A non-profit, volunteer run ‘Do It Yourself’ (D.I.Y.) festival of music, art, film, discussions and workshops organized and orchestrated by feminist activists, artists and musicians of various genders.

City of Women/Mesto ženks
International festival of contemporary art (Ljubljana, Slovenia).

Ladyfest Leipzig (facebook)
Ladyfest is enabling us to occupy and redefine room and places which, for the most part, are "male"- occupied. To put it in a nutshell: to create free spaces. By offering different events, like concerts, workshops, lectures, exhibitions, we want to encourage feminists, women, lesbians, trans and queers to get creative, practice (queer-)feminist politics, learn from one another, inspire one another, share ideas and connect with one another. We can do that without pressure, free from capitalist restraints, without hierarchy and discrimination of any kind. We want to create a space in which interests can be acted out, in which you can present your talents to others, you can be in the spotlight and can create new role models. Let's smash those typically male-dominated rooms. Operate the mixer yourself, enter the stage, repair cars an bikes on your own, shoot your own movie, create your own fanzine or get into a debate on (queer-)feminism and its ideas. You will be able to do all of that. Check our programme and be there! We look forward to meet you!

Ladyfest Darmstadt (facebook)
A non-profit, volunteer run D.I.Y. festival of music (+ art, film, discussions, lectures and/or workshops, depending on how many people join us and what we like to do) organized and orchestrated by
feminist activists, artists and musicians - partly open to all genders, partly for ladie_z only. Find more information on our website (german only so far, sorry!) or just drop by!

Girls rock camp Graz (mypsace)
A rock camp for 16-20-year-old girls who are interested in alternative music and who would like to get involved in it. All workshops are held by women who are involved in alternative music in various ways (musicians, sound- and light engineers, promoters...).

Mother is an independent travelling project dedicated to wowmen’s contemporary music and art. It has neither a residence nor an institutional form. This DIY project consists of a series of three festivals over three years, each one in a different country, culminating in a navigation of the world in the form of an ephemeral triangle.

Ruby Tuesday Rock Camp (myspace)
Ruby Tuesday Rock Camp is a holiday camp for girls aged from 11 to 17. It took place in Cottbus near Berlin twice by now.

Girls Rock Camp Austin
Girls Rock Camp Austin is an independently operating branch of a rapidly expanding effort to bring rock n’ roll camps for girls all over the United States and Canada. Our mission is to operate as a non-profit organization dedicated to providing girls from the greater Austin area with a positive all-female musical environment. Our goal is to give girls and young women the tools to succeed in any music-related venture.and to promote the power of music as a means to create personal and social change.

 Labels & distros:

Riot Grrrl Berlin (facebook) (myspace) (twitter)
RIOT GRRRL IS NOT DEAD! Riotgrrrlberlin is not just about 90s punk bands. we are political, radical and loud! we are feminists and we are proud of it. but we will also support cool grrrl music! punk, hip hop, indy, electro, metal, happy hardcore... whatever we like! check our very first compilation with contemporary riot grrrl bands from all around the world (53 bands & 2,5 hours of music), join the next one! let's build up grrrl gangs and start a fucking riot ♥ contact:

Cultivating & spreading "independent women culture" is the aim of Emancypunx. That's why the distribution & record label was formed - to give access to the results of our creativity and also to spread information.

The distro of the polish collective Sistertosister.

Femme Metal Records
Femme Metal Records is an independent Record Label set up by Carrie Sharp. It is a record Label that signs Female Fronted Metal bands only.


Grassroots Feminism
Upload your projects (be it zines, Ladyfest programs, media,...), interviews you have done, resources you find interesting and join the grassroots feminist community!

An open space for feminist queer thoughts, ideas, ideals, ways of lifes, reports, infos, stories, art - an open space that need to be animated and should animate!

Straight edge community and zine dedicated to the ladies of the scene with profiles, articles, reveiws and networking groups.

Femme Metal WebZine
Femme metal is an organisation created with the intention to help promote female fronted metal/rock/gothic music and to help the fans discover new bands. The WebZine features Reviews, Interviews, Band of the Month and much more.

Polish zine, edited by the anarcho-feminist group Wiedzma.

Grrrl Zine Netwrok
Grrrl, lady, queer and trans folk zines.

Clitocore (myspace)
Clitocore is a zine and distro from Barcelona, focused on the participation of girls in the hardcore scene. Their reason is to spread and promote the work and the situation of women in the alternative music scene, managed mostly by boys. 

chaosXgrrlz zine
 A xgrrrlx zine for boys and girls, promoting femminist issues in hc/punk as well as good music, personal/politics and positive initiatives.
About women, men, feminism and gender studies.