Katie Katty

hardcore, Japan

Katie Katty is an all-girl hardcore punk band from Kobe, Japan. Band members: Vo Hime (bass), Dr Hitomi (drums), Fumiko (vocals/guitar).

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Monster Cat Creep Show | DOWNLOAD | more info |

Katie Katty: Monster Cat Creep Show

They released this 7" in 2005.

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01 Bandit
02 Sally
03 Drive Me
04 Motor Cat


folk/punk/rock, Russia

Some members later formed the band Iva Nova.

Eldirina sloboda/Елдырина cлобода | DOWNLOAD | more info |

Babslei: Eldirina sloboda/Бабслэй: Елдырина cлобода

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01 Огурцы
02 В Бору Сосна...
03 Пташечка
04 Солнышко
05 У ворот
06 Садочек
07 Холмогоры
08 Частушка
09 Говнорэп
10 Свадьба
11 Варенька
12 На печи
13 Тьма
14 Весточка
15 Танго

Nog Watt: Fear

This is an EP released in 1985 on Revenge Records.

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01 Going On
02 Wish That You Could Feel
03 Hunted
04 Fear
05 Big Warning, Big Mistake
06 Neighborhood Watch

Nog Watt

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punk/hardcore, Netherlands

Nog Watt were an all-girl hardcore punk band from Amsterdam. The vocals are not weak, but with the perfect amount of aggressiveness. Their sound is ripping, thrash-esque tone with some beautiful melodic riffs and slow noise-rock dirge parts.

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punk/hardcore, Brazil

In 1998 Bianca met Berila and the 2 girls talked about a comun desire of having an all girl band. Then Berila joined on drums and Bianca on guitar. They knew it would be hard to find girls into punk rock because the old fashion rules of society, but they wanted to give a try. Thinking on who whould acept the mission, Bianca called a friend, Silvia - she was learning to play bass. They needed one more person to complete the group, and thats when Iéri appeared and so the band was formed. They have chosen the name Bulimia ebcause of a disease that too many women get it by being obsessed by a beauty padron tought by media. It couldn't be a better name for a band who was fighting against the machist culture and the patriarchal society.

Se Julgar Incapaz Foi O Maior Erro Que Cometeu | DOWNLOAD |


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hardcore/metalcore/trash, Japan

Japanese girls playing fast, violent music. Band members: Shuko (vocals), Shima (guitar), Sara (bass), Sakurako (drums).

Dedicated To Cowards MCD | DOWNLOAD |
Banjax/Voetsek split | DOWNLOAD |

Erase Errata: Other Animals

This is their first full-length, released in 2001 on Troubleman Unlimited.

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01 Tongue Tied
02 Billy Mummy
03 Delivery
04 1 Minute
05 Marathon
06 Other Animals Are #1
07 High Society
08 ...
09 French Canadia
10 How To Tell Yourself From A Television
11 Fault List
12 C.Rex
13 Walk Don't Fly
14 Dexterity Is #2
15 _ _ _