Luscious Jackson: Natural Ingredients

This is their first full-length album, released in 1994 on Grand Royal. The album spawned three minor hits with "CitySong (NY State Of The World)," "Deep Shag" and "Here", the latter featured in the Alicia Silverstone film Clueless. In addition, all three singles had music videos which could be seen on MTV.

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01 Intro
02 City Song
03 Deep Shag
04 Angel
05 Strongman
06 Energy Sucker
07 Here
08 Intermission
09 Find Your Mind
10 Pele Merengue
11 Rock Freak
12 Rollin'
13 Surprise
14 LP Retreat

Luscious Jackson: Fever In Fever Out

This is their second full-length album, released on the Grand Royal label in 1996 (produced by Daniel Lanois). This album is most well-known for the track "Naked Eye," which enjoyed some success in the Top 40. In mid-1997, Fever In Fever Out was certified gold.

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01 Naked Eye
02 Don't Look Back
03 Door
04 Mood Swing
05 Under Your Skin
06 Electric
07 Take A Ride
08 Water Your Garden
09 Soothe Yourself
10 Why Do I Lie
11 One Thing
12 Parade
13 Faith
14 Stardust

Astarte: Demonized

This is their fifth full-length, released in February 2007 on Avantgarde Music.

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01 Mutter
02 God I Hate Them All
03 Lost
04 Whispers Of Chaos
05 Demonized
06 Lycon
07 Queen Of The Damned
08 Heart Of Flames
09 God Among Men
10 Everlast
11 Black At Heart
12 Black Star
13 Princess Of The Dawn
14 Everlast II (Phoenix Rising)


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black metal, Greece

The most famous and prolific of the female extreme metal bands, Astarte, started off as a trio called Lloth. It was born in September 1995 and initially formed by Tristessa, who will be the core and Astarte’s only permanent member since then, Nemesis on guitar, Kinthia and Psychoslaughter as a session drummer (as in many “all-female” bands). In May 1997 they began recording a demo called “Dancing In The Dark Lakes Of Evil”, under the name of LLoth. In 1998 they changed the name from Lloth to Astarte, and signed for the greek label Black Lotus. After participating in a Celtic Frost tribute album with the track “Sorrows Of The Moon”, Astarte splits up letting Tristessa as the sole bearer of the band. The vocalist/bassist brings two more instrumentalists, Katharsis (keyboards) and Hybris (guitars), to keep the Astarte flame alive.

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Quod Superius Sicut Inferius | DOWNLOAD | more info |
Sirens | DOWNLOAD | more info |
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Frightwig: Wild Women Never Die

This album is a compilation of their first two LP's, 1984's Cat Farm Faboo and 1986's Faster, Frightwig: Kill!! Kill!! Released in 1993 on Southern Records.

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01 Wanque Off Song
02 My Crotch Does Not Say 'Go'
03 Jeri's Song
04 I Got Lost
05 Hot Papa
06 A Man's Got To Do What A Man's Got To Do
07 Vagabondage
08 Only You
09 Take This And Fuck Yer Head
10 I'll Talk To You And Smile
11 Tomorrow Never Comes
12 Something's Gotta Change
13 Beverly Hills
14 Crazy World
15 Big Bang
16 Punk Rock Jail Bait
17 Manifest Destiny
18 Booby Prize
19 American Express
20 I Don't Want To Be Alone
21 Freedom

Frightwig: Phonesexy

An EP released in 1990 on Boner Records.

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01 Amx'89
02 I Want To Live
03 Public Baths
04 Just One Look
05 I Support You
06 Frightwig Luvs Ya Baby!

Luscious Jackson

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alternative rock/hiphop, USA

Luscious Jackson formed in 1991. They are named after the American basketball player Lucious Jackson. The original band consisted of Jill Cunniff (vocals, bass), Gabby Glaser (vocals, guitar), Kate Schellenbach (drums) and Vivian Trimble (keyboards, vocals). The band played nearly every instrument heard on their records, and with the exception of a few non-LP cover songs wrote all of their own material, the majority penned by vocalists Jill Cunniff and/or Gabby Glaser. Vivian Trimble left the group in 1998, and in 2000 (after releasing one album as a trio) the group announced their break up.

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Natural Ingredients | DOWNLOAD | more info |
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Scrawl: Bloodsucker

This is an EP that came out in 1991 on Feel Good All Over and has since been re-released on Simple Machines. Every song is a vinegar tornado of guitars and heartbreak plus an outstanding cover of Cheap Trick’s “High Roller” (and weirdly Paula Abdul’s “Cold Hearted Snake”).

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01 VI Ploriontos
02 Love's Insecticide
03 Please Have Everything
04 Clock Song
05 C.O.W.
06 High Roller
07 Cold Hearted Snake


foxcore/indie, USA

Scrawl were a band from Columbus, Ohio. The founding members were Marcy Mays (vocals and guitar), Sue Harshe (bass guitar), and Carolyn O’Leary (drums). Their first show, in the summer of 1985, was a 20-minute opening spot for the Meat Puppets. Drummer Carolyn O’ Leary left the group in May 1992, and was replaced by Dana Marshall.

Plus, Also, Too | DOWNLOAD |
He's Drunk | DOWNLOAD |
Smallmouth | DOWNLOAD |
Bloodsucker | DOWNLOAD | more info |
Velvet Hammer| DOWNLOAD |
Travel On, Rider | DOWNLOAD |
Nature Film | DOWNLOAD |

Frightwig: Cat Farm Faboo

Their debut album, released on Subterranean Records in 1984.

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01 The Wanque Off Song
02 My Crotch Does Not Say Go
03 Jeri's Song
04 I Got Lost
05 Hot Papa
06 A Man's Got To Do What a Man's Got To Do
07 Vagabondage
08 Only You
09 Take This and and Fuck Yer Head
10 I'll Talk to You and Smile
11 Tomorrow Never Comes
12 Something's Gotta Change


punk/foxcore, USA

is American slang used to denote a woman whose appearance is disheveled; she is unruly, perhaps under the influence and she doesn’t give a damn They were located in San Francisco, California. Though they predated the riot grrl movement, they have a similar approach and were influential to its development. For example, they were known for inviting a male audience member on stage to “dance” during the song “A Man’s Gotta Do What a Man’s Gotta Do” and thereby publicly ridiculing him. Frightwig was composed of Cecilia Lynch, Deanna Ashley, Mia Levin, Megan Page, and Rebecca Tucker. During Frightwig’s influential history they had many line up changes.

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