Mass Kotki: Chodź Zobaczyć

Chodź Zobaczyć („Come and see”) is their first album, released in 2005 on Emancypunx Rec & Omnitan Studio. Electro punk mixed with new wave and pop performed by the duo: Lady Electra playing analogous synth (keyboard?) and Katiusza playing distortion bass guitar. The album contains studio recordings of12 songs, two re-mixes and the video-clip "Brutalny erotyzm".

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01 Intro
02 Brutalny Erotyzm
03 Telewizyjna Bulimia
04 Freak Show
05 Red Car
06 Podróż
07 Pogo
08 Rocco
09 Mass Kotki
10 Butelki
11 Sex & Violence
12 Platonic Love

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