Motorama: Psychotronic is the Beat

Psychotronic is the Beat ( released on Dead Beat Records in 2008) is a rough, loud, relentless, exciting, brashy and bratty punk'n'roll garage platter, it's an excellent sorta trashy rock'n'roll. This is Motorama's second album, following on from 2003's No Bass Fidelity, and they pull no punches at all with it coming over with a loud 'n' live feel and boot in the head size and sound.

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01 Black&White
02 Tiki Tramp
03 Tell Me! What!
04 Chinese Blues
05 Gossip Reputation
06 All Right
07 I Do As I Like
08 Superalcoholic
09 Damaged Goods
10 We Are Here, We Are Hungry
11 Candy Kisses
12 If You Could See Me

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