Beyond Pink: Jedan dva, jebla te ja

"Jedan dva jebla te ja" is a full length LP release on Emancypunx Records in 2007. It contains 12 songs of fast raging angry hardcore with some melodies and tempo changes fronted by two vocalists. One out of the 12 songs on the LP is a Misfits coversong.

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01 Walking Bajamaja
02 Ponosna Picka Mater, Ditt As
03 Grannsamverkan
04 Work out to Kill
05 The Angry Game
06 Know Your Enemy
07 Batman vs Agent 007
08 Lågstadiepoesi
09 Slave for my Uterus
10 Guitarmaster Dick
11 Topmeeting Theme
12 Where Eagles Stare

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