Khatarina: Älä epäröi, vaan äpäröi/Don't hesitate, be a bastard

Truly punishing, pounding d-beat raw punk energy by these five angry women with a lot on their chests. Their lyrics are very strong commentary about the world today from a woman´s perspective –but without being preachy. While the guitarist apparently cuts through some wood with a chainsaw, the vocalists scream and shout both in Finnish and in English. The fluent d-beat by the drummer and the roaring bass-chaos leave no room for any complaints either. Out in 2007 by Deaf Forever, Khatarina Korporation, Condom Black LTD. and Campary Records.

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01 Daddy O
02 Cockrockscene
03 Medication
04 Constructive Criticism
05 Traitor
06 Troublemaker
07 Underdog
08 Aalio

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