Agatha: Greetings From Ssg

The album is co-produced with Vurt Records of Rome and Wallace Records of Milan, released in 2005. The vocals are always screamy, visceral and totally angry, over rancid/acerbic sounds, harshly melting hard-core and noise with a black irony and slicing melodies like a machete. Agatha's line-up while recording this album: Pamela, voice and bass, Claudia at drums, Daniela for guitars.

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01 Introducing The Band
02 Temper
03 March, 1st, 2005
04 My Teacher Plays In A Metal Band
05 I Love My Gfs
06 Pleasure
07 We're A Band Of Freaks
08 Part Two
09 Dani Was In Love With Burzum

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