Urbanos / Choke Cocoi split

Split cd of 2 hardcore punk bands from the opposite side of the globe - Choke Cocoi (Philippines) and Urbanos (Argentina), released in 2007 on Delusion of Terror Records and TakeFour Collective records.

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01 Urbanos (Urbanos)
02 Asco (Urbanos)
03 Decision (Urbanos)
04 Despertate (Urbanos)
05 Indiferents (Urbanos)
06 No Hay Option (Urbanos)
07 Sin Identidad (Urbanos)
08 Terroristas (Urbanos)
09 No Room (Choke Cocoi)
10 Can't (Choke Cocoi)
11 Beauty (Choke Cocoi)
12 My Grief (Choke Cocoi)
13 Time (Choke Cocoi)
14 IMBA (Choke Cocoi)
15 Karamihan Ng Tao Ay Pu (Choke Cocoi)

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