Choke Cocoi

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hardcore/trash, Philippines

Choke Cocoi (2000 - 2008) was a band bustin' out of the Lucena underground scene. The members were: Sheryl - vocals, Tweety - guitar, QT - bass, Odessa - drums. The band was born out of the ashes of their first Riot Grrl unit UOM. The band was among the few who have managed to independently tour Malaysia and Singapore, and has become legendary in the local underground scene, being cited as an influence by many of today's kids (esp. females) getting started on hardcore and punk. Choke Cocoi disbanded in 2008, but members are still active in the scene and have continued playing in their new bands.

Live demo | DOWNLOAD | more info |
Urbanos/Choke Cocoi split | DOWNLOAD | more info |

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