garage/punk/new wave, Italy

Motorama in a two-piece band from Rome. The grrrls are playing post-punk garage with a great weird tremelo guitar they call "elephant-fuzz". These two girls (once they were three) have been playing since 2000. Their music is so frantic and energetic that seems hard to believe there isn't a full band. This girly duo is all about rocking hard with a great punkish/d.i.y attitude and a greasy garage sound. Motorama are raw and filthy, just like a riot girl band supposed to be. Their music ranges from the late 80's/early 90's riot grrrls sound which defined bands such as Babes In Toyland and Hole (on their first album) to more forward thinking acts like Sonic Youth and Blonde Redhead to the vibrating energies of Atari Teenage Riot , minus the electronics. Current line-up: Daniella (guitar, vox), Irene (drums, back vox).

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Psychotronic is the Beat |
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