Erase Errata: At Crystal Palace

This is their second album, which came out on 15th September 2003 on Troubleman Unlimited and on Blast First. Jagged dance masterpieces and full-throttle bolts of freak-art groove make up At Crystal Palace. The album is a riot of ideas - restless and begging your full attention, both cerebral and visceral. Ambitious but endlessly accessible.

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01 Driving Test
02 Ca Viewing
03 Go To Sleep
04 Retreat ! The Most Familiar
05 Suprise, It's Easter
06 Let's Be Active C/O Club Hott
07 Flippy Flop
08 Owls
09 Ease On Over
10 The White Horse Is Bucking
11 A Thief Detests The Criminal, Elements Of The Ruling Class
12 Harvester
13 Matter No Medley

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