Nog Watt

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punk/hardcore, Netherlands

Nog Watt were an all-girl hardcore punk band from Amsterdam. The vocals are not weak, but with the perfect amount of aggressiveness. Their sound is ripping, thrash-esque tone with some beautiful melodic riffs and slow noise-rock dirge parts.

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  1. What about Amsterdam's DO OR DIE? They were around in the nineties, made a few albums and one was called PEOPLE NOT POLITICS...

  2. I can't find anything about DO OR DIE....

  3. do or die were awesome
    they opened up a bunch of shows for 7 year bitch

  4. and nog watt were even more awesome, great live band, sweetest people. The drummer Ingrid also played drums in the first line-up of no pigs. They released one ep called fear, 3 tracks on the beware of the wolf in sheeps clothing and one track on the Emma comp double lp