Iva Nova/Ива Нова

extreme folk, Russia

Iva Nova plays a mixture of modern rock and Russian folk music along with jazzy humorous details. The sound is strong and driving, connecting rural restlessness with urban insanity. The band was formed in St.Petersburg in 2002, when five young Russian ladies met to create a new collective of musicians. Their original songs with tunes and lyrics based on the riches of folklore, are catchy and sensitive. Fuzzy dirt-simple guitar riffs and explosively frenetic percussion supported by the poignant bass and the energy of jazzy Russian accordion fill their performance with both rural restlessness and urban craziness. Don't expect traditional Russian folk, these ladies rock a little too hard for that. Besides lyrics on Russian Iva Nova has songs written on Ukrainian, Bulgarian,Georgian and other languages. Along with exploiting endless folklore resources they creatively experiment with other styles as polka, ska, jazz, avangarde, punk. Their live show is a mix of lyrical songs and punky-energetic dance numbers.

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K sebe nezhno/ К себе нежно |
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