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punk, USA

A bend from New York City. The bend formed in 1987 and has been on hiatus since 2000. Their music was described as "a frenzied mix of punk, metal, pop and rock". The band claimed influences including The Ramones, Kiss, and the MC5. Theo Kogan, Gina Volpe, and Sydney "Squid" Silver formed the band and Sindi Benezra was asked to join shortly after. The band played their first show in 1988 with Theo's then-boyfriend Mike on the drums. With drummer Becky Wreck (Susan Rebecca Lloyd) on board they released a self-titled 4-song EP in 1989. The band later expressed their strong dislike for the albums production and the fact that they did not earn any money from Blast First.

Luxury Problem | DOWNLOAD |
Pretty Ugly | DOWNLOAD |
Jerk of All Trades | DOWNLOAD |
Binge & Purge| DOWNLOAD | more info |
Babysitters on Acid | DOWNLOAD | more info |

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  1. I would love you if you could make'em work. I really love your blog although I'm not that feminist.